Top 10 Foods That Cause Miscarriage

Pregnancy is a beautiful phase in a woman’s life when she prepares herself for motherhood. During this phase she should be very conscious about eating what is healthy not only for herself but also for her baby. On the other hand, there are many foods that cause miscarriage and she should avoid those food items. Miscarriage during the early months of pregnancy that is first trimester (first 3 months of pregnancy) is not very unusual and hence to avoid it she should be very careful.

Some of the foods that cause miscarriage are raw eggs, animal liver, peach, aloe vera, papaya, pineapple and many more. Consuming these food items may bring about internal contractions and dilation of the cervix. Here is a list of some foods that were cause miscarriage and should be avoided during pregnancy at all cost.

Foods That Cause Miscarriage

Don’t eat the folllowing food that may cause the Miscarriage.

1. Pineapple

Foods That Cause Miscarriage

The pineapple fruit contains an enzyme known as bromelain. Which can bring about abortion if consumed during the first 3 months. This enzyme can bring about uterine contractions and cause abortion during the early . This is one of the things to avoid during pregnancy that cause miscarriage.Pineapple is known to be one of the most harmful foods. That cause miscarriage and hence avoid it during the months of pregnancy

2. Papaya

Foods That Cause Miscarriage

One of the foods to avoid during pregnancy is Green papaya. It contains the enzyme papaine or papaya proteinase that is responsible for inducing uterine contractions and abortion. Thus unripe papaya is considered to be among the most dangerous foods that cause miscarriage and thus avoid it during pregnancy.

3. Animal Liver

Foods That Cause Miscarriage

Though animal liver may be tasty and nutritious, pregnant women should not have it during the early months of pregnancy as animal liver from sick or infected animals contain a lot of toxins. That can adversely affect the development and growth of fetus.

Liver also contains excessive amount of cholesterol and retinol, which can harm the fetus and result in abortion if consumed during pregnancy. Retinol is kind of Vitamin A and excessive amount of retinol in the body of a pregnant woman can be very dangerous for the fetus. Thus do not include animal liver in your diet during pregnancy as it is one of the harmful foods that cause miscarriage.

4. Crabs

Foods That Cause Miscarriage

Crabs are packed with a high percentage of nutrients and calcium which can be beneficial for a non-pregnant woman. Many crab varieties such as snow crab, blue crab, and Dungeness crab are not at all safe to be consumed during the pregnancy months as they contain high percentage of mercury.

This is a dangerous element which can prove to be very harmful for the growing fetus. Mercury affects the development of the nervous system and the brain of the fetus. Along with the baby, mercury can produce health complications in the mother as well.Crab meat can induce uterus contraction and bring about internal bleeding and stillbirth.

Beside this,crabmeat is packed with a high amount of cholesterol that can be harmful for the health of a pregnant woman.Therefore, though crabmeat is very delicious and packed with a host of nutrients, it should not be present in the diet of a pregnant woman. It is included in the list of most harmful foods that cause chances of miscarriage.

5. Drumstick Tree

Foods That Cause Miscarriage

The flowers and leaves of drumstick contain, calcium, iron, milk, vitamin C vitamin A, potassium etc. in excessive amount, which is harmful for pregnant women.

Alphasitosterol, an estrogen like hormone is present in the drumstick tree that can prevent women from conceiving as well as bring about uterine contraction in pregnant women and result in abortion. Thus drumstick being among the most dangerous foods that were cause miscarriage should be avoided during the period of pregnancy.

6. Aloe Vera

Foods That Cause Miscarriage

Aloe vera is used as an ingredient in many beauty products. Regular use of skin and hair care products containing aloe vera, results in drastic improvement of the skin and hair but this plant has deleterious effect on pregnant women. It leads to pelvic hemorrhage and abortion.

One of the most damaging foods that cause miscarriage is aloe vera . Hence should not be in the diet of pregnant women. All pregnant women should avoid it during the first trimester.

7. Sprouted Potato

Foods That Cause Miscarriage

Sprouted Potato is another food that has adverse effects on the health of pregnant women and is damaging for the fetus . Thereby is among the damaging foods that cause miscarriage. You should not consume it during pregnancy as green sprout potato contains toxins like solanine that is deleterious to the health of baby and mother.

Some studies have shown that pregnant women who consumed sprouted potatoes suffered from late blight and gave birth to child with spina bifida birth defect.

8. Smoked Seafood

Foods That Cause Miscarriage

Soft cheese, smoked seafood, hot dogs, cold cuts, meat spreads are prone to bacterial contamination and hence is not suitable for the consumption of pregnant women. According to FDA and USDA these food items were regarded as some of the harmful foods that cause miscarriage.

Smoked seafood contains the bacteria Listeria Monocytogenes that cause symptoms like, headaches, flu, muscle aches, nausea, fever and vomiting. If infection spreads to nervous system, it results in disorientation, stiff neck or convulsions. It is better to avoid such food items during the pregnancy period.

9. Raw Eggs

Foods That Cause Miscarriage

During pregnancy avoid consuming raw eggs or undercooked eggs or any other food that includes raw eggs in its preparation line mayonnaise. Only consume completely cooks eggs in which the egg-yolks and whites are solid. Salmonella bacteria can also found in raw eggs that result in food poisoning and prove to be very harmful for a pregnant woman.

10. Peach

Foods That Cause Miscarriage

Peach contains many nutrients such as plenty of iron, protein, zinc, pectin, sugar etc.  It is a tasty fruit which is hot and sweet in nature but is potentially dangerous for pregnant ladies . This fruity can induce abortion and bleeding in some pregnant women.

The shell hairs of peach results in the burning and itching of the throat.  Thus avoid it by all means during the pregnancy months. This is a comprehensive summary of some of the potentially dangerous foods that cause miscarriage.

Avoid having these food items as far as possible to avoid any complications or abortion during the phase of pregnancy.