How To Make Mushroom Tea? – 8 Health Benefits You Should Know

Starting your day with healthy beverages sounds fun (and it is), even better if you start with mushroom tea. And here’s how to make mushroom tea with simple recipes from home, and keep your health better everyday.

Over the years, the mushroom has become a portion of food and a type of condiment with a wide range of applications; One of which is tea. 

Why? You are about to find out all about that. 

We only know a little about the mushroom’s holistic healing effects. They can improve physical and mental well-being, make a lasting impact on your life, thus changing your life for the better. 

While controversial and minimal information, the health benefits are indisputable, according to consumers and researchers who have studied their effects. Research today is still limited. Evidence of its use dates back thousands of years and spans many different cultures.

Mushrooms were used as an aid in religious ceremonies and seen as an entry into profound spiritual experiences. And, of course, some people just used them for the fun of it. 

In our case, we explain why you should add to your tea so you enjoy the benefits of long-term health effects. 

Below are several main benefits that would make you wonder why mushroom tea is not a staple for everyone.

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How Sipping Mushroom Tea Benefits Us?

If you thought mushrooms are just for fun? False! Science is discovering all kinds of exciting and beneficial applications for these tiny beauties. They have demonstrated therapeutic effects that can improve the lives of millions of people. So, are mushrooms good for you? Let’s find out.

The healing properties of a mushroom drink make it a potent treatment for various diseases. It helps to get rid of headaches in diseases of the stomach, intestines, bladder, kidneys, and liver. This tea has anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. It’s helpful with lowering blood pressure and cholesterol and regulates the gastrointestinal tract. We can also use it as a prophylactic for polyarthritis, rheumatic heart disease, and atherosclerosis. 

Another effect of mushroom tea is observed in the treatment of tonsillitis and chronic runny nose. Colitis, enteritis, and bacterial dysentery are well treated. Mushroom tea can improve the overall state of health, help with insomnia, heart pains, and headaches.

The use of this drink can work for diarrhea, colitis, and constipation. Asian and African traditionalists recommend taking shroom tea for sclerosis, colds, hypertension, and tonsillitis. Rinsing purulent wounds with the infusion of the tea can accelerate their healing. 

Mushroom tea can reduce fatigue while soothing your joints and muscles. 

When To Consume Mushroom Tea?

It is advisable to consume mushroom tea in the morning and evenings. In the morning, it will prepare the digestive system for daytime work. It will calm you down, disinfect your stomach, and prepare you for sleep in the evening.

To drink mushroom tea, how long to steep mushroom tea, filter through several layers of gauze. It would help if you didn’t drink before meals, with meals, or immediately after it. Otherwise, you will quickly feel hunger. You can drink half a glass 2 hours after a vegetarian meal or 3 to 4 hours after eating a heavy meal consisting of meat.

Additional Benefits of Drinking Mushroom Tea

Here are five lesser-known discoveries:

1. Mushrooms Could Arguably “Release” the Spirit of Depression


Are you feeling depressed? or a more straightforward way to put it; It Seems you are choking while the whole world around you takes deep breaths. 

A common misconception is that mushroom tea will dampen your current mood if you are depressed. According to initial research, this is not the case, which has discovered that mushrooms can improve mood in the long term.

Noteworthy, these experiments had been carried out in controlled and therapeutic environments. Depression is a complex disease, and clinical/therapeutic discoveries are the only way to back up any claims. 

2. Mushrooms Could Help You Stop Smoking

According to studies, mushroom tea therapy can help smokers get rid of nicotine addiction. Findings suggest an 80% success rate after three sessions. Here, we’re talking about people with chronic addiction to nicotine, having smoked a pack of cigarettes a day for decades. 

To put it in perspective: one of the most successful drug alternatives, varenicline, has a success rate of only 35%. This is almost miraculous in terms of the number of lives that can potentially get back on track.

Again, it’s not just about chewing a few mushrooms and being cured -it needs to be part of structured therapy.

3. Mushrooms Can Prevent Cluster Headaches

Cluster headache one of the most painful health conditions known to humans. They are described as having an ice pick that pushes through the skull and eyes. It is a living hell because of its recurring nature and resistance to drugs. “Painful” is an understatement as the disease is nicknamed “suicide headache” as many people commit suicide due to unbearable pain. 

Well, some scientists now think the answer might be in front of us: Mushrooms. 

According to testimonies and initial scientific observations, mushrooms’ use to treat cluster headache is beneficial, making it possible to cure many cases and make it disappear for years. You can buy shrooms Canada from reputed online retailers and reap all the benefits.

4. Mushrooms Contribute To Long-Term Psychological Health


Recent studies have shown that the psilocybin contained in some edible mushrooms (called magic mushrooms) causes a “rearrangement” of the brain. It helps with the creation of new connections between neurons. But this change is neither random nor chaotic. 

A new order is created, which allows feelings of expansion of consciousness. It is then straightforward to think “off the beaten track,” which will enable us to consider things from a different perspective.

The advantage is that even if the “trip” under mushrooms lasts only a few hours, the discoveries and points of view that we gain remain for life. The result is a long-lasting positive effect on our mental well-being. 

An excellent example of this is a study from John Hopkins University. Not only did the majority of the participants in the experiment say that “traveling” under mushrooms was one of the most profound experiences of their lives. But they also reported having an increase in well-being feelings two years later – a point that their friends and family also noticed among the participants.

5. Mushrooms Can Help People With Terminal Illnesses

Knowing that you have only a short period to live is an extremely stressful experience. Psychedelic substances such as magic mushrooms can help terminally ill patients manage their situation by reducing anxiety and bringing a feeling of peace. The previous point is that mushrooms allow patients to see things from a different perspective, emphasizing spiritual and well-being sensations. 

The mushroom can make all the difference between going deep into depression or spending the rest of your time on earth, surrounded by the love of your friends and family.

Suffice to say. Science has only scratched the surface when it comes to the potential of mushrooms. Extensive research and clinical studies are the best channels to discover the excellent health benefits of mushroom tea. Mushroom tea could play a vital role in the future of medicine.

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How to Make Mushroom Tea?

How to make mushroom tea

Making an infusion is the ideal way to consume mushrooms: tasty, gentle on the stomach, and faster absorption. No downside!

Eating mushrooms, as is, is the most common way to eat them. However, even if a few people love the taste, it’s certainly not everyone’s favorite snack. Especially with a hefty dose, taste becomes a problem. 

Additionally, making an infusion makes it easy to add honey or any sweetener of your choice.

However, it’s not just about avoiding the taste; there is a second reason why many people choose the infusion: reducing nausea. A mushroom tea infusion is a perfect solution: quickly extract what you want and eliminate unwanted parts.

Here is how to make magic mushroom tea infusion recipe- 

Infusion With Honey

It is the most basic – slightly sweet mushroom tea.

1. Cut the dose of mushrooms into small pieces. The lower the parts, the larger the exchange surface, which increases the liquid’s infusion’s effectiveness. 

2. Boil water. 

3. Let the water cool for several minutes. You need hot water, not boiling water

4. Place your mushrooms in a tea ball and pour the hot water. 

5. Let the mixture sit for 10-15 minutes, stirring occasionally. 

6. Filter the infusion into another cup. 

7. Add honey, and enjoy it.

And there you go! With this recipe, you now have a variety of less restrictive ways to ingest the goodness locked within mushrooms, all with a tasty, stomach-friendly infusion. 


The fortifying, prophylactic, and therapeutic virtues of sipping mushroom tea are too numerous to sweep under the carpet. The mushroom is used to strengthen the immune system and is attributed to have anticarcinogenic powers.

To take advantage of the mushroom’s many benefits, you can quickly concoct mushroom tea that you should drink at least once a day.

Maximizing the benefits of mushroom tea, like anything of value, requires consistency consistent consumption. 

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