Top 10 Health Benefits Of Coconut Water

I bet you will start to wonder when you reach the end of the post by knowing coconut water health benefits. It’s an ultimate healthy thirst quencher and of course it’s an alternative to water. It tastes yummy. Super hydrating. Energy provider, potassium rich and most importantly all natural. As this pure form of water is packed with full of nutrient, it offers an array of health benefits.

These 10 best Health Benefits Of Coconut Water are scientifically proved and it’s the true form nature’s gift to the humans.

Health Benefits Of Coconut Water

Health Benefits Of Coconut Water

1. Helps In Weight-loss Efforts

Amount of fat content that seems on coconut water is really low so you can consume any quantity of coconut water without having a fear of packing on pounds. Due to its rich nature, coconut water can make you feel fuller. So it acts as a great appetite suppressor too.

2. Picture-Perfect Skin

If you want to have a picture perfect skin then head on with the coconut water application. Apply it on the acne and other blemishes those are found on your skin surface. Coconut water have the ability to clear up all the acne and skin related problems. Subsequently it can also give you an even skin tone. When you consume coconut water, it can eliminate the excess oil from your skin area. It can also act as a good moisturizer. So when you purchase the products like facial creams,  conditioners, lotions and shampoos, always buy the things which are rich in traces of coconut extract.

3. The Ultimate Hangover Remedy

Health Benefits Of Coconut Water

When you experience cycle of urination or vomiting, chances are you may lose electrolytes drastically. At all these time just remember coconut water health benefits you have read here. Load your stomach with more than your belly can handle. This coconut water have the ability to replace the electrolytes which provides energy.

4. Facilitates Digestion

Do you have a problem with digestion? Use the gift of our mother nature. Coconut water can provide an immediate relief to your digestion problems. Coconut water can reduce the occurrence of reflux. Its fiber rich content can help you in the prevention of indigestion.

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5. Boosts Hydration

Healthy ingredients found in coconut water have the ability to hydrate the human body more than what sports and other energy drinks can do. Our body loses tremendous amount of mineral rich fluids when we do rigorous exercises. Anyhow one full glass of coconut water can provide you  294 mg of potassium plus 5mg of natural sugar.

As opposite to that , our favorite health drinks can only provide half of the potassium content and 5 times higher the amount of processed sugar.  Sodium content found in coconut water is just 25 mg. This figure is significantly low when compare it with the sports drinks which have around 41 mg of sodium.

6. Reduces Blood Pressure

At many times a disproportionate level of electrolytes results in high blood pressure. As it contains electrolytes in required proportion, it can be used as a balancing mechanism. So it is suggested to consume coconut water at the start of each and every day ,so that it can provide a great balance of electrolytes throughout the day.

7. Rich in Nutrients

As opposed to any other beverage that are found in the market, it have 5 essential electrolytes which are present in the human body. These include magnesium, potassium, calcium, phosphorous and sodium. The unique composition found in coconut water makes it suitable for all people irrespective of their medical conditions.

8. Compatible with Human Blood

Coconut water serves as anIsotonic to human plasma so it can be used more effectively at the time of emergencies to quickly rehydrate. It is consumed most commonly in the third world countries to save the human lives.

9. Natural Healer

Health Benefits Of Coconut Water

Coconut water have an extraordinary pleasant taste. No one can unlike it. It is found to be useful as a very effective rehydration beverage. Medical practitioners believe that coconut water can be used in healing the diseases such as influenza, cholera and dysentery. When you take coconut water at the time of feverish condition, it can greatly reduce your sickness and fever.

Also benefits of drinking coconut oil in hot water when you want to lose weight.

Coconut water have the ability to act as a great detoxifying agent. It can also act as a strong antidote against any of the poison infusion in the human body. It neutralizes the effect of poison in the blood stream. When it is taken consciously for 40 days, it can even take out the poison completely from the victim’s blood stream.

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How Much Coconut Water Should You Consume?

It can be enjoyed either as a standalone drink or in a combination with any other liquid products. There exists no hard and strict rules that needs to be followed on the amount of coconut water one should consume. But the experts at mayo clinic strongly suggests that, if you take coconut water on a regular basis, you should lead a healthy lifestyle by making yourself to be indulged in some form of physical activities. Reason is, every 8 ounce of coconut water have calories in the range 45 to 60.

When you search for a fresh coconut water, ensure you are not choosing a hard brown shell coconut water. It is an indication of coconut that is matured. Always go with the one that are green which is an indication that states coconut water is young. This kind of coconut water have large supply of healthy liquid substances. Shake coconut up and down so that you can know how much liquid substance it contains. Go with the one that have large quantity of water.

All these 10 best coconut water health benefits I have given are only few drops in the ocean. Save yourself and your family with this incredible nature’s gift. Cut down some medical bills from your budget by consuming coconut water as and when you can. I am sure it will work for you like a magic.

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