How Does Technology Negatively Impacts Mental and Physical Health?

Technology Negatively Impacts Mental and Physical Health. There is no denying that technology has positively revolutionized the lives of people. Today, we have better medical equipment, faster computers, intelligent mobiles, and more that people from a century ago could not even dream about.

However, there are many adverse effects of technology on the health of the people as well. Studies have shown the health-damaging effects of technology have become more prominent among the masses. People of different ages face trouble with mental and physical health because of excessive use of technology.  

Damaging Effects of Technology on People’s Health 

During the 24 hours of a day, a lot of people continuously use some form of technology. Consider the example of IT professionals. They spend at least 8 hours a day at their job in front of a computer screen. Even after duty hours, most people are hooked to their cellphones. Many people usually play games on their console or stream shows on a streaming service.  

Mental and Physical Health

Continuous exposure to screens can and often does lead to several mental and physical problems for people. Screens are everywhere, from your mobile phones to tablets and laptops, and even the smartwatches latched to your wrist. The ease of accessibility and excessive hours of usage amplifies the overall damage.  

Apart from the screens, the applications people use on them come with their set of troubles. Social media, the internet, and habits built around them also often add to the damage. The problems are usually not with a particular platform, but they influence and become part of the routine. Limiting unnecessary use and smartly working around the necessary usage time can significantly reduce the chances of long-term and short-term health problems.  

Physical Health Problems Associated with Technology Usage 

Many people sit in front of laptops, computers, smartphones, televisions, and other screens. Just sitting in front of these devices can result in deteriorating health. The following are the health

Eye Strain 

Technology Negatively Impacts Mental and Physical Health

On the top of the list of health hazards is the strain on the eyes from being in front of the screens for an extended time. The blue light from these screens can cause a range of eye problems ranging from irritation to blurred vision and other issues with sight. In addition to problems directly affecting vision, people often experience neck, shoulder, and back pain. Lastly, feeling of So, it is best to be aware of the result of continuous screen time and take proper preventive measures.  

There are different measures you can take to reduce eye strain. An easy method is to follow the 20-20-20 rule. It is effortless to follow. After every 20 minutes, look at something 20 meters away for 20 seconds. This exercise will keep you from staring too long at screens and save you from eye strain.  

Back Pain  

Back Pain

Many people with working habits that include sitting in front of a screen often complain about back pain. An incorrect sitting posture without physical activity can lead to temporary to permanent pain. Instead of taking painkillers in the future, it is best to take the proper measures on time.  

Incorporate activities like walking a few steps when you feel like you are sitting for too long. Also, fix your sitting posture. It is better to have your screen at the level of your eyes, and your back should be straight. Also, your shoulders should be laid back, and your butt is touching the back of the chair. This sitting posture can keep your back relaxed and healthy.  

If your working chair is not comfortable, it is better to invest in a comfy chair that supports your back. An uncomfortable chair can increase the chances of back pain. So, it is better to get better furniture.  


 Mental and Physical Health

Studies show that 57% of teens have a problem in sleeping who use technology in their bedroom face problems in sleeping. Today, most teens usually have devices like laptops and mobile phones near them when they sleep. The problem is that the excessive use of these devices often leads to sleeplessness and poor quality of sleep. Bad quality of sleep can lead to many issues, including more complexities with mental and physical health. Therefore, it is something anyone should take lightly.  

The blue light from the different screens blocks the release of a hormone called melatonin that makes you sleepy. People often do not feel drowsy after continuous use of cellphones and laptops.  

There are some easy ways you can follow to get quality sleep. You can start by setting your devices to a night light or blue light filter mode. These modes change the color of the screen to non-blue colors that do not put a strain on your eyes. Another thing you can do is to stop using screens one or two hours before you sleep. These easy methods can help you get a much better quality of sleep.  


Mental and Physical Health

One of the most significant benefits of technology is that it has reduced the need for physical exertion. You don’t even have to leave the house to get groceries and other things you need. Many jobs after Covid don’t require you to come to the office too. But on the flip side, the lack of activity and physical exercise leads to several problems like obesity among people.  

Obesity can further lead to a lot of health complications like diabetes and cardiac problems. Therefore, it is best to incorporate physical exercise into your routine. It is even more important for teenagers and youngsters. Physical activity does not mean signing up for a gym membership is necessary. You can start by jogging or walking in the morning. Take stairs instead of elevators. Also, there are many easy exercises you can do indoors. If you think investing in gym equipment can keep you motivated, go for it. Lastly, you can set alarms for these exercises, so you don’t forget.  

Mental Health Problems Associated with Technology Usage

Mental and Physical Health

Physical health challenges aside, many mental health problems can also arise through the continuous usage of technology. Staying online on social networks and constant internet connectivity can and does affect the mental health of individuals in many cases. Therefore, it is better to be aware of these problems. So, you can use the technology more responsibly.  

Following are the common mental health problems among people with excessive phone use.  

ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) 

Mental and Physical Health

ADHD is a condition that affects the ability to concentrate on a task and increases restlessness. Studies by CDC recommend that now more people have ADHD than ever. And researchers suspect social media and mobile devices to be responsible for this sudden increase. Lack of focus leads to further problems and deteriorates a person’s overall mental well-being.  

There is no permanent cure or medication for ADHD. However, you can suppress its signs and focus on the given tasks by taking all the distractions out of sight. Also, you can set your mobile devices to focus mode and timers on applications for better attention.  

Depression and Isolation 

Mental and Physical Health

Studies have shown that texting, social media, games, and more cellphone use increase the chances of depression. Where social media can help you make new like-minded friends, it can also make people isolated, lonely, and insecure. The risks of these problems are higher when you use these platforms as a part of your routine.  

You can significantly reduce the risks of such problems by using these applications more responsibly. It is essential to know that everyone is fighting their battles, and people use these platforms to share their happy moments. There is no need to compare yourself with others. Also, your happiness should not depend on validation on social media. Try to be in the moment instead of taking more photos. If social media gives you anxiety, take a break from all the platforms.  

Responsibly using the internet and social media can save you from many mental health issues. So, try to maintain a healthy balance. Otherwise, it would do more harm than good.  

The Bottomline 

Technology is meant to benefit people when you maintain a balance. Dependence and negligence of mental and physical health are what land you in trouble. Use technology where it helps you or where it is necessary. You need phone service that you have subscribed to on Spectrum phone deals, need faster internet, and even the latest devices. There’s no harm in any of it. But adjust your habits for the better. That’s all it takes to tackle the health issues which continuous use of technology can have on a person.  

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