10 Interesting Facts about Megan Fox You Didn’t Know.

A sexy and talented actress, Megan Fox seems to have it all going for her in Hollywood. But like all of the celebrities sharing the glaring spotlight, Megan has a few tidbits in her past that make her especially interesting to her already adoring fans. If you love celebrity gossips, she is now dating the musician Machine Gun Kelly from past couple of years, and its confirmed that they will be soon. So, before that, you should about these 8 interesting facts about Megan Fox to know bit more on her life.

Unknown Megan Fox Facts

Interesting Facts about Megan Fox

1. Megan Fox Isn’t a Man

If you happen to believe rumors, you might have heard that Megan is, in fact, a man. The rumor’s been proven false many times over, and you can now revert back to your fantasy life without qualms or trepidation. Also, how old is megan fox now? she is by now 35 years old.

2. Megan Fox Has 9 Tattoos

Among her inking is a tattoo of a poem on her ribcage. A line of the poem reads, “here once was a little girl who never knew love until a boy broke her HEART.” Megan also has a symbol for strength on her neck, Brian Austin Green’s name on her hip, a pink flamingo on her upper thigh, and a picture of Marilyn Monroe’s face on her right arm. “We will all laugh at gilded butterflies,” is tattooed on her right shoulder. A botched tribal design is on her arm from an incident where the artist was more interested in smoking weed than doing an excellent job.

3. Megan Fox Didn’t Date as a Teenager

Her parents wouldn’t let her. Megan didn’t begin dating until she moved out of her parent’s house. Today she’s engaged to Brian Austin Green, and they live together in the Los Angeles area. Too bad.

4. Megan Fox is a Surfer

meganfox facts

Megan grew up as a surfer and still enjoys the sport today. Once, while surfing, she had an incident with a great white shark, but managed to survive the encounter intact, thankfully.

5. Megan Fox Hates to Hear You Breathe

Megan claims to have a phobia of people breathing. She hates the sound of people breathing so much she truly can’t stand it. So much for heavy breathing in the dark…

6. Megan Fox Took on Lindsay Lohan

Megan Fox Took on Lindsay Lohan

Megan admits that she and Lindsay did not get along on the set of Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen, but claims that the butting of heads was due mostly to the catty nature of all seventeen-year-old girls. (Sure it was.)

7. Megan Fox has Cherokee Ancestry

Her amazing good looks can be traced back to her Cherokee lineage. Part French, part Irish and part Cherokee, Megan is truly stunning and we certainly hope she stays that way.


8. Megan Fox has a Trading Card

A pack of more than forty trading cards have been designed of the A list actors in Hollywood and Megan made the cut. Her rookie card earns proceeds for The Humane Society of the United States. Why not collect Megan now and see how much she’s worth in a few more years?

9. Charitable Causes

Megan Fox is actively involved in charitable causes and has supported organizations such as Feeding America, Generosity Water, and the Humane Society. She has also donated to various disaster relief efforts, including those for Hurricane Katrina and the earthquake in Haiti.

10. Interest in the Supernatural

Megan Fox is known for her interest in the supernatural and has claimed to have had several encounters with ghosts. She has also expressed her belief in extraterrestrial life.

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