6 Creative Ways To Make Money by Selling Crafts Online

If you are a crafter and you’d like to turn your passion into profit, keep reading! In today’s post, we are going to explain to you six ways to Make Money by Selling Crafts Online.

These business ideas are perfect for those who want to work from home. Take a look and see what works best for you.

how to earn money crafting

Make Money by Selling Crafts Online

1. Accept Commissions

Commissions are a traditional method for artists to generate revenue. If you show your skills to the accurate target, you can quickly start receiving some orders.

Make Money by Selling Crafts Online
If you like to craft with needles, you can create and sell apparel on-demand. You’ll have fun and get a profit!

To generate demand, you have to make an offer. Share your talent with other people! Start by displaying your products. If you don’t have programming skills, don’t panic. You don’t need to make a website to showcase your portfolio.

Start by sharing your artwork in your social media. It’s the most direct way to connect and interact with your potential audience. Interact with your followers as much as you can, answer questions, and use hashtags to gain visibility.

Personalization is a great idea to generate revenue with commissions. Do you have a cutting machine and a heat press? You can display some examples of T-Shirts and offer to personalize them with your client’s name. Are you a cross-stitch master? You can sell personalized hoops with cute, personal designs.

2. Open an Etsy Store

If you prefer to sell the items that you create without being conditioned by commissions, Etsy is your best ally! This platform is a digital marketplace, like Amazon or eBay. The main difference is that Etsy is a platform for independent sellers and creators.

Make sure you have good pictures of your products before listing them.
Make sure you have good pictures of your products before listing them.

On Etsy, artisans, and crafters from all around the world can list their products and reach an enormous potential audience. It’s so simple! You don’t need to have any programming skills. The user experience on the platform is straightforward!

To sell on Etsy, you will have to pay some fees for the listing, transaction, payment processing, and offsite ads. That’s it! Upload your products to the platform and add compelling descriptions. Every time a customer places an order, you’ll only have to ship your products.

Listing your products on Etsy will increase their visibility. If you tag them correctly, thousands of visitors can find them on the marketplace. A good Social Media strategy can be an excellent complement for your profile on the site.

3. Attend Craft Fairs

Search for craft fairs in your area. These events are popular and fun! You can get to know a lot of people with the same passion as you. If you buy a spot for a stand, you can sell your products to the visitors. This way, you’ll also receive direct feedback from your customers. Their opinions can help you improve faster.

how to earn money crafting Make Money by Selling Crafts Online
Craft Fairs give you the chance to meet new customers.

Some crafting fairs organize live workshops. If you have an idea that you’d like to share, apply to be a speaker! Other people can enjoy hearing your insights and receiving your feedback. You can earn money while helping them and having fun!

Craft Fairs are also a chance to meet the representatives of popular crafting brands. A good networking strategy can get you good deals. Also, as a passionate creator, we are sure you’ll enjoy this type of event a lot.

4. Learn how to use Affiliate Links

Referrals are powerful digital marketing assets. Knowing that other people are satisfied with a product or service can persuade potential customers. This fact explains the popularity of affiliate programs. Digital brands are turning happy customers into their best brand ambassadors.

Make Money by Selling Crafts Online
Creative Fabrica has one of the best affiliate programs for crafters. Check it here.

Affiliate links are a popular way to track referrals. The mechanism is simple. When you become an affiliate, you will receive a personal code. Every time you share a link to promote a product or service, add that code to the URL. This way, the company can identify your referral through UTM codes.

Every time a new customer that comes through your link makes a sale, you will earn money. In some affiliate programs, you can claim your earnings at the moment. Depending on the company, you might have to make some amount before claiming your earnings.

The average crafter tries dozens of new products and supplies every year. This hobby is not a cheap one! That is why crafters love to share their opinion about the services and products that they try. By becoming an active affiliate, you can earn some good money by sharing recommendations online.

5. Create Info-products

An info product contains lessons, tips, theory, or exercises about a topic. It’s a digital good that an expert creates so that customers can buy and learn from the author.

Make Money by Selling Crafts Online
If you master the secrets of lettering, you can organize a digital workshop!

The Internet is an excellent source of knowledge for crafters. Nowadays, you can find tutorials and courses everywhere. But we all know that quantity does not mean quality. There are thousands of YouTube videos, but they can not replace the added value of an elaborate course.

If you work on your personal brand as a crafter, your audience will be eager to pay for your infoproducts. The members of the crafting community are always keen to learn and get inspired.

You can record yourself for a video course, write an eBook, or organize a webinar. If you are searching for a marketplace to sell your infoproducts, check Teachable. If what you need is tools to create them, take a look at Hotmart’s catalog.

6. Get private sponsors

Platforms like Ko-Fi or Patreon allow artists to receive individual payments from their audience. This way, fans become active participants in the artistic process. In exchange, these followers receive some privileges that the artist determines.

how to earn money crafting
Every month, you’ll have to send exclusive benefits to your patrons.

Depending on the platform, fans can contribute with a monthly fee or with the symbolic price of a coffee. It’s important to decide what kind of reward you want to give them. You can create personalized crafts, share exclusive content, or organize live webinars. If your followers think your artwork is valuable, they will pay for it.

To make this option profitable, you must have a big, loyal audience. It’s essential to be active on Social Media. If you share free content on your blog or YouTube channel, people will know you. If they like what you do, they will be more eager to pay for exclusive perks.

Hope these making money by selling crafts online is helpful and gave you some new ideas to start, so let us know your ideas and opinions in the comment below.

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