Get Paid to Travel the World : Work-From-Anywhere Careers

I hope that everyone with an interest in travel has at one point or another entertained the idea of travelling the world and earning a decent crust as they do it. Get Paid to Travel the World is something that we all dream about everyday, atleast some of us

One thing that seems to stop the majority of people I have spoke to is the thought of leaving the security of their job duties and the uncertainty of how to make money whilst on the road. The thought of giving up the financial security of a career can be a very daunting prospect.

Money is a very realist’s concern, and after all, the digital nomad lifestyle isn’t for us all. Working from a laptop doesn’t interest everyone and some people prefer the structure of employment against the ambiguity of freelancing, or responsibilities of running a business. A temporary assignment with active duty refers to a time period placement in a different job or role in daily limit. Compensable travel hours must be included when determining whether an employee has worked over 40 hours in a given workweek.

Along my travels, I have met some amazing characters and been intrigued on so many occasions as to learn how people pay their way. I have met professional poker players, an NBA scout, a brain surgeon, an online astrologer, a white hat hacker, a job travel nurse, and a fighter pilot. There are companies that pay you to travel are growing as a remote companies, which is a positive sign for all travelers around the globe.

Get Paid to Travel the World

Becoming an airline pilot would be the epitome of a travel-related career, but these are professions that are not necessarily open to everyone.

However, there are still plenty of work-from-anywhere types of jobs available nowadays. Here are a few job outlook which nearly anyone can train for; do not require university qualifications and period of time commitments.

Ways To Get Paid to Travel the World

1. Freelance writer

Get Paid to Travel the World

The beauty of becoming a freelance writer is the freedom it gives you due to its temporary work location. All you really need is a laptop computer and an internet connection and away you go.

Just imagine how cool it would be sitting in a Parisian café doing your writing one week and out on the beach in the sun somewhere in Asia the next. Also SEO Expert is one more digital nomad opportunity to think about with all the new websites done and bringing organic traffic is hard, SEO makes it easier at reasonable period.

There are so many writing opportunities to start as a freelance writer job title, not all will pay a lot or even pay at all in regular work hours. But the opportunities for that soft skills

In addition, you should have excellent communication skills, a good grasp of the English language, and be willing to work on your grammar and spelling.


are all the same.

2. Photographer or Videographer

Get Paid to Travel the World

Photography or videography is another career you can easily take up and click yourself around the world. It requires some investment in the right gear and a bit of training and maybe some talent too. Beyond that, it is all about how good you are and if you find the right people to buy, your photos will get commissioned. Travel photos are in demand and there are numerous online stock sites that are willing to pay minimum wage at very reasonable rates for normal work hours.

3. English Teacher

If you speak English (I know you can read it) and you have the confidence to teach to children or adults who are not native speakers then you are off to a good start. There are companies who offer Teaching English as Second Language (TESL) training and their requirements vary. Furthermore, it is essential to possess excellent communication skills, a solid command of the English language, and a willingness to improve grammar and spelling abilities.

Get Paid to Travel the World

English teachers are in demand in South and Central America, as well as Asia. Visa requirements also differ across the different destinations and generally in Japan, China, Thailand and Cambodia where the cost of living makes it relatively cheaper to teach and live.

Another great advantage I have noticed to teaching English abroad is the sheer amount of recruitment companies set up to assist you. These agencies can easily remove the stress aspect of finding a travel job with hours of travel time and moving to a new country at the same time.

4. Roadie

Get Paid to Travel the World

Easily my favorite in the list. Who hasn’t dreamt about hitting it off with their favorite band and taking to the road with them. Although a road glittered with parties and a rock n’ roll lifestyle, I’m sure lugging around equipment and bags of leather trousers, can have its negatives though. Starting from the bottom is probably a necessity, but touring with a band across a country would be a dream come true for many.

5. Nanny or Au Pair

Get Paid to Travel the World

Often overlooked at a position of travel, but a nanny can offer numerous opportunities. Usually Families who can afford the services of a nanny are wealthy and a position will offer frequent travel and tropical destinations. Also a particular family abroad may wish for their children to learn English from a native speaker, everyone’s a winner.

6. Yacht or Cruise Ship

Get Paid to Travel the World

No, I can’t sail a yacht either! Boats or cruise ships can offer a multitude of employment opportunities though of all levels with regular work schedule. Chefs, mains, dancers, retail staff, bartenders, cleaners and maintenance crew are all required.

7. Tour guide

Get Paid to Travel the World

If you possess the people skills, confidence and the ability to speak a foreign language (although not really necessary though), then the tour guide gig could be for you. If you feel that you need to find another “home” or you are just suffering from itchy feet syndrome then maybe it’s time to take out the map. If you love something about a foreign country, maybe its culture or a particular place of interest, then you could carve a niche and become a tour guide. Sharing your passion and knowledge with others could really work out for you.

Another option would be to find a local tour company in the country or town that you would like to work in and get a job. Fluency in the local language could be advantageous but not strictly necessary, as it is likely that many of your clients will speak English.

There you go – a few handy tips to get you started in planning your career change. This is just the beginning really, as there are countless other opportunities to explore. You don’t necessarily need a profitable online company to get started or commit yourself to costly years of training. The world is indeed your oyster and if you hear it calling, do take heed and answer the call.