50 Best Restaurants Around The World That Are Famous For Their Location

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People need food in order to survive. And food is considered to be a basic need for living that is why; people work hard in order to buy the food that they would like to taste and eat. Women especially moms really need to cook for their family. As for a food lover like me, I would love to taste every different kinds of cuisine such as Korean, Japanese, Chinese and Lebanese.

However, there are times that we cannot cook our own meal due to some circumstances. And sometimes, we do not have enough knowledge and ability to cook the food that we love. However nowadays, it is already not an issue for us because we can only go to a certain place that serves the cuisine that we have been craving for. They are called restaurants.

 But what do we know about restaurants? All we know is that, we have our meals such as breakfast, lunch and dinner in that place. Restaurant is a place where in exchange of money, they serve food and drinks to its patrons. But restaurants do not just pop-up or appear here in the world like mushrooms do. Restaurants have also their own history.

In history of Rome and Greece, the so-called restaurant-bar is named Thermopolia which offers drinks and food.

Do you know where the modern restaurant was born and started? If you don’t, then let me tell you this. The first modern restaurant was born in Paris, France in 18th century. Taverne Anglaise was also the name of the 1st luxury restaurant that was ever built in Paris in 1786. But, before we later on discover about the different kinds of restaurant, do you know where that word came from?

            Restaurant comes from the French word “restaurer” which means “to restore”. This word was first used in the 16th century in France. The word restaurant is used to depict cheap and thick soups that were sold by the street vendors which help in the restoration of their health. But at the present time, when we hear the name “restaurant”, the first thing that comes into our minds is a classy place for eating.

            Now, restaurant varies from Fast food and Take out where customer order their food at the counter to Fine Dining restaurants where a certain ambiance is present plus cuisine and materials are of high quality. In this type of restaurant, clients wear formal dresses because of the dress code and they have full services to its customers.

not all restaurants are successful in every ways. There are some which goes
down after a year or two from the date they opened to the public. But there are
also restaurants that managed to survive and be recognized by media and by
foreign people from different countries around the world. However, not all
successful restaurants can be one of the 50 restaurants
that are famous for their location. Before you can be one of this,
certain criteria should be achieved.

if some of your favorite restaurants are included in the 50 best restaurants
then, those restaurants must surely be the best restaurants in your country for
them to be known around the world. Therefore, let us check whether your
favorite restaurants are included or not. Or, you can certainly ponder what
restaurant would be your next target if you have decided to travel.

50 restaurants That Are Famous For Their Location

1. Noma

This restaurant which founded by Claus Meyer and Rene Redzepi was located in Copenhagen, Denmark. To be exact, the Noma restaurant building was located in the Greenlandic Trading Square which was the center of trade of the four countries which include Finnmark, Iceland, Faroe Islands and especially, Greenland for 200 years. Considering this, it shouldn’t be shocking enough to know that Noma is the 1st in the 50 restaurants that are famous for their location. 

This restaurant serves Noma or Scandinavian food. Although I haven’t tried this kind of cuisine yet, I would love to taste it in the future. Noma’s famous cuisines consist of “The Hen and The Egg”. But on July 24, 2015, it was announced that the Noma restaurant would be transferring in the start of 2016 for 10 weeks in Australia.

2. El Celler de Can Roca

El Celler de Can Roca restaurant is located in Girona, Spain which was founded by the three Roca brothers namely: Josep, Joan and Jordi in 1986. The building was first situated next to Can Roca which was their parent’s restaurant. And later in 2007, they have found the perfect spot for their restaurant in Girona, Catalonia, Spain. And for the record, El Celler de Can Roca was named to be the 2nd best restaurant in the word in 2014.

Catalan is the cuisine that they are serving in this restaurant. Though I
haven’t tried it yet, but if you base the taste on the Catalan cuisine
ingredients, I am sure that this would be a great food to taste and an
experience to cherish.

3. Mugaritz

Another famous restaurant again that was located in San Sebastian, Spain is named Mugaritz. Under the supervision of Chef Andoni Luis Aduriz, Mugaritz was opened to the public on March 1998. But little did we know that this restaurant have received multiple of awards such as one of the best restaurants in the world, and has been featured to the different media pages such as Cuisine Kingdom and Le Figaro.

4. D.O.M

Since 2006, D.O.M was considered to the best restaurant in South America. This restaurant is run by Chef Alex Atala which is located in the Capital City of Brazil, São Paulo. D.O.M specializes in Brazilian cuisine in which of course, they use their local Brazilian ingredients in their specialties. Though I am not familiar with their specialties and its taste, but some of their ingredients are piraiba, pirarucu and tucupi juice.

5. Osteria Francescana

This Italian restaurant located in Modena, Italy was owned and run by a chef named Massimo Bottura. Osteria Francescana was considered 1st in the Italian food guide with a score of 19.75 out of 20. In Restaurant magazine, Osteria Francescana was rated to be 2nd in the 50 Best Restaurants in the World in 2015 and 3rd in the year 2013 and 2014.

6. Per Se

This French and America restaurant which owned by chef Thomas Keller was located in Manhattan, New York. To be exact, Per Se restaurant is situated at 4th floor Time Warner Center, 10 Columbus Circle, Manhattan. Per se was considered by New York Times to be the Best Restaurant in New York City. And today, Per Se is considered to be the 3rd in the world’s most expensive restaurants in which, a guest’s average spending is more or less $851.

7. Alinea

The restaurant Alinea is owned by Grant Achatz who was also its head chef and known for his classic flavors’ deconstructions and preparations. Alinea is located in Chicago, USA which was made open to the public on May 4, 2005. This restaurant became to be one of the two restaurants located in Chicago to have received three stars which is the highest rating in the Michelin Guide.

8. Arzak

This is the 3rd restaurant in Spain specifically in San Sebastian again which is included in the 50 restaurants that are famous for their location. Arzak is owned by Juan Mari Arzak who is also the chef of the restaurant. Arzak restaurant serves New Basque Cuisines in which its chef has already received an award due to this.

But little did we know that, this restaurant has been passed to several generations from the existing owners grandparents who were José Maria Arzak Etxabe and Escolastica Lete to their grandchild who is Juan Mari Arzak and his daughter, Elena.

9. Dinner

Dinner owned by
Heston Blumenthal is the most highly positioned restaurant in United Kingdom
specifically, in London. Within a year since it opened, it has already garnered
a Michelin star and in 2014, Dinner restaurant received its 2nd
Michelin star. Dinner’s menu choices are based on British’ Historical cuisine
that is well-researched in the British library and by the food historians.

In every three
months, the restaurant intends to change its menu which contains cuisines that
ranges from 14th century to 19th century.

10. Eleven Madison Park

This modern American restaurant is owned by a restaurateur named Danny Meyer and it was held open in 1998. Eleven Madison Park was exactly located at East 24 St. 11 Madison Ave. Flatiron District, Manhattan, New York City. However, Will Guidara and Chef Daniel Humm bought this restaurant from Meyer in 2006.

11. Steirereck

Steirereck restaurant was owned and run by Chef Heinz Reitbauer which was located in Vienna, Austria. Reitbauer trained under the famous chefs such as Anton Mosimann and Joel Robuchun.

12. L’Atelier Saint-Germain de Joël Robuchon

The original is L’ Atelier is now the L’Atelier Saint-Germain de Joël Robuchon is owned and run by Joel Robuchon and also, he was the head chef of the restaurant. Atelier means workshop in the decorative arts of an artist. The restaurant is located in Paris, France

13. The Fat Duck

This restaurant located in Bray, United Kingdom is famous for its tasting menu which is a fourteen course. The Fat Duck is run and owned by a celebrity chef named Heston Blumenthal. The restaurant made opened to the public on 1995 in which the site has been previously used by The Bell pub. At first, they used to serve menu that is the same to a French bistro but as the years passed by, they were able to invent and have their own unique menu.

14. The Ledbury

This 2 Michelin star restaurant is located in Notting Hill, London specifically in Ledbury Road. The Ledbury’s head chef named Brett Graham has received many good feedbacks from the critics. Also, the food received many good reviews such as “delectable, seriously good and a genius one”.

15. Le Chateaubriand

Le Chateaubriand
restaurant is located in Paris, France to be exact on Avenue Parmentier. Iñaki
Aizpitarte is the head chef of the restaurant that avoids the traditional
Parisian menus in exchange of an entire meal at a fixed price partnered with
French wines.

16. L’Arpège

You may believe it or not but L’Arpège is a restaurant that does not serve red meat that is located in Paris, France. This unique restaurant is owned by Alain Senderens which has a previous name of L’Archestrate. However, on 1986, Passard bought it from Senderens. So if you are a vegetarian, then L’Arpège is the best choice for you since this was a vegetarian restaurant.

17. Pierre Gagnaire

Pierre Gagnaire
is one of the most highly praised and visited restaurant which is located in
Paris, France. This restaurant was run and owned respectively by Pierre
Gagnaire who is also the Head chef of the restaurant. Pierre Gagnaire
restaurant serves modern French cuisine and has achieved 3-Michelin stars.

18. L’Astrance

L’ Astrance was
built after the owner named Pascal Barbot has made his name during his
experiences in L’ Arpège. It was located in Paris, France
in which the chef is also the owner of the restaurant. And without any for the
last 7 years, L’ Astrance remained to be one of the 50 restaurants that are famous for their location.

19. Le Bernadin

This three star
restaurant is located in Midtown Manhattan, New York City owned by Gilbert Le
Coze and his sister named Maguy Le Coze. Le Bernardin is under the name of Les
Moines de St. Bernardin which opened in 1972. And, do you know what their main
ingredient is? It is a Fish.

20. Frantzen/ Lindeberg

This restaurant in Stockholm, Sweden has opened in 2008. Frantzen is run by Björn Frantzén who is a chef and a pastry chef named Daniel Lindeberg. Those two have worked first in Edsbacka krog which is a first two-star restaurant in Sweden before they made their own restaurant. However, on 2013, the name Lindeberg was changed to Frantzen because the restaurant was left by Lindeberg.

21. Oud Sluis

Oud Sluis is a
restaurant that is located in Sluis, Netherlands that for three generations,
serves fresh oysters and fish. The restaurant finally got its three stars on
2006 where the chef is Sergio Herman. However, by the end 2013, Herman closed
the restaurant so that he can spend time with his family and focus on his

22. Aqua

This restaurant
named Aqua was owned by Sven Elverfeld. It was located in Wolfsburg, Germany.
Eleverfeld was an ex-pastry chef and now cooks some of the grandest cuisine in
a prominently modern dining room in Germany.  Aqua’s main theme in the restaurant is the
remaking of the villager’s common food in Germany.

23. Vendome

This restaurant
is in Bergisch Gladbach that is situated near Cologne, Germany. Little did we
know that Vendome restaurant is a part of the Schloss Bensberg which is a
Grandhotel. On 2008, the restaurant was the 34th of the Top 50
world’s best restaurant in the Restaurant magazine. And in 2009, it moved to
the top as the 25th and in 2010, it became the 22nd. And
the last but not the least, it is the best restaurant in Germany and only one
of the two German restaurants that has been included in the Top 50.

24. Mirazur

Mirazur is a French restaurant that is located in Menton, France. Aside from its delicious cuisine, the place has a splendid view of the sea and mountain that will increase your appetite while you are having your meal at Mirazur. The chef of the restaurant is Mauro Colagreco and he mostly cooks seafood cuisine with vegetables, herbs and fruits. Seafood is the region’s delicacy which the chef introduces it to their fellow patrons.

25. Daniel

Daniel is just
one of the many French restaurants in New York. The restaurant is located in
Manhattan on the Upper East Side at 60 E 65th Street in New York
City. Daniel restaurant is run and owned by Daniel Boulud who is a French
celebrity chef. Aside from he is a celebrity chef, he is also the longest
reigning chef who has a four star in New York.

26. Iggy’s

This is a restaurant that is located in Europe that serves Contemporary European cuisine. And since 2019, Iggy’s has been one of the 50 best restaurants in the world which also includes the best Asian restaurant in the year 2019. Unlike any other restaurants, Iggy’s does not necessarily follow a specific style of cuisine instead, a combination of different European countries with of course, some Asian twists.

27. Les Créations de Narisawa

Les Créations de Narisawa is a restaurant located in Minato,Tokyo, Japan which serves French cuisine. The restaurant opened in November 2003 in Minami Aoyama. It was owned by Yoshihiro Narisawa who is also the chef of the restaurant.

28. Nihonryori Ryugin

Ryugin is a combination cuisine restaurant that is located in Minato-ku, Tokyo.
Its chef is in the name of Seiji Yamamoto. The restaurant wanted its customers
to have the feel the seasons of Japan through the taste of their cuisine that
comes from the natural environment of Japan.

29. Quay

Quay is a restaurant that is run by Peter Gilmore and owned by Leon Fink and is located in Sydney, Australia. From the restaurant, there is an overlooking view of Sydney Harbour Bridge that is fantastic to see while you are having your time eating at the restaurant especially, dinner. This restaurant serves modern Australian cuisine and one of their signature dishes is the “Snow Egg”.

30. Schloss Schauenstein

On these Top 50
best restaurants in the world, Schloss Schauenstein is the smallest of them
all. It is located in Furstenau, Switzerland and the chef is Andreas Caminada.
Before the chef took over the restaurant, he practiced and developed his skills
in different restaurants such as Wirtschaft zum Wiesengrund and Bareiss.

31. Asador Etxerbarri

This Spanish
restaurant is also one of the 50 restaurants around the
world that are famous for its location and it is located in Atxondo,
Basque Country. Victor Arguinzoniz is the chef of the Asador Etxerbarri
restaurant and believe it or not but he cooks his menus over a grill. When I
say menus, it means that appetizer, main course and even dessert are cooked with
the presence of fire.

32. Le Calandre

This Italian
restaurant is situated in Padua, Italy which serves modern Italian cuisine. The
chef of Le Calandre restaurant is the world’s youngest chef to have acquired a
three Michelin star at the age of 28 and his name is Massimiliano Alajmo.

33. De Librije

De Librije is a fine dining restaurant that has gained one or more Michelin stars ever since 1993 and is located in Zwolle, Netherlands. The building of the restaurant was a former library that is why; the restaurant is named De Librije. The chef of the restaurant is Jonnie Boer and the sommelier and maitre is his wife, Therese Boer- Tausch.

34. Faviken

Since 2008,
Faviken restaurant has been run by Magnus Nilsson who is a chef. The restaurant
is located in Are Municipality in Sweden. The cuisines served at the Faviken
restaurant is only limited to the areas that surrounds the restaurant.

35. Astrid y Gaston

Astrid y Gaston is a five-star restaurant that is located in Lima, Peru and owned by Gaston Acurio who was also the chef of the restaurant. Gaston Acurio is the undoubted king of Peruvian gastronomy. From the menu, you can taste the variety of flavors from the ingredients that can be found in every different part of Peru.

36. Pujol

Pujol located in Mexico City, Mexico is a Mexican restaurant which has been one of the World’s best restaurant and been named as the best restaurant in Mexico. Enrique Olvera who was the head chef of the restaurant cooks his Mexican cuisine with “heart and soul”.

37. Momofuku Ssam Bar

Momofuku Ssam Bar is just one of the Momofuku groups of restaurant that is founded and owned by Chef David Chang. The word “Momofuku” is a Japanese word which means “lucky peach”. In David Chang’s casual and perky restaurant, pork is mostly the main ingredient of his cuisine.

38. Biko

Biko located in
Mexico City, Mexico is a Basque restaurant that specializes on techno-emotional
food. The restaurant chefs’ Mikel Alonso and Bruno Oteiza combined the native
French flavors with ingredients from Mexico.

39. Waku Ghin

The name Waku Ghin derived from the word “waku” which means to “arise” and “ghin” means “silver”. The color silver is in honor of the signature color of Tetsuya Wakuda. Waku Ghin is located in Marina Bay Sands in Singapore. This restaurant serves modern Japanese cuisine that is famous in everybody.

40. Quiqui Dacosta

The Quiqui Dacosta restaurant is located in
Denia, Spain but unlike any other restaurants that order and import the
ingredients that they need in their dishes, Quiqui Dacosta restaurant only uses
ingredients that can be found within its 75 km. Its owner- chef is also named
Quiqui Dacosta.

41. Mathias Dahlgreen

Mathias Dahlgreen is the restaurant named after his owner which also names Mathias Dahlgreen and he opened the restaurant in 2007 in Stockholm, Sweden. In 2008, the restaurant got its Michelin star and the second Michelin star was achieved in 2009. And after Edsbacka krog restaurant, Mathias Dahlgreen restaurant is the 2nd best restaurant in Sweden.

42. Hof van Cleve

Hof van Cleve
was a restaurant that was located in Belgium but unlike from any restaurants that
is built and set in cities, Hof van Cleve restaurant is set in countryside
which is near the municipality of Kruishoutem. And in 2005, the restaurant
gained its three Michelin stars.

43. The French Laundry

The French Laundry is owned by Thomas Keller who also happens to be the chef of the restaurant. It is located in the Napa Valley, Yountville, California. The restaurant not just receives one award but it gained many recognitions as well as best reviews from experts in the field of culinary and restaurants.

44. Amber

The Landmark
Mandarin Oriental is the place to search if you want to find and experience and
taste the cuisine in the Amber restaurant. The Amber restaurant is found in
Hong Kong which serves contemporary French cuisine. The executive chef of the
restaurant is Richard Ekkebus.

45. Vila Joya

You can find the
Vila Joya restaurant inside the Vila Joya Boutique Hotel which is located in
Albufeira, Portugal. From the restaurant, you can look the Praia da Gale. Vila
Joya is the only fine dining restaurant which has two Michelin stars in
Portugal. The star chef of the restaurant is Dieter Koschina who used his
ability and creativeness to make a first class cuisine with freshness and

46. Il Canto

Il Canto
restaurant situated in Certosa di Maggiano hotel which can be found in Sienna,
Italy is owned by Paolo Lopriore. The owner is the chef of the restaurant who
uses ingredients that other chefs do not dare to use as long as the taste is
not taken for granted.

47. Bras

Bras restaurant
is owned by Michel Bras which was located in Laguiole, France. The restaurant
has three stars in the Guide Michelin ever since 1999. Michel Bras who is also
the chef uses edible flowers and herbs mixed to the cuisine to bring out the
best taste of it.

48. Manresa

Manresa founded
and owned by David Kinch is a three-star restaurant which was situated in Los
Gatos, California, USA. Manresa restaurant was famed to be the United States’
best restaurant in 2012 and since 2007; it has been a Michelin-starred

49. Geranium

Rasmus Kofoed is
the co-owner and the head chef of the restaurant, Geranium. The restaurant is
located in Copenhagen, Denmark. But before the restaurant became open, he first
worked as a head chef in different top restaurants. However, just shortly after
Geranium achieved a star from Guide Michelin, it shut down because of the
bankcruptcy of one investor.

50. Nahm

Nahm is the first restaurant of an Australian chef named David Thompson which is located in Bangkok, Thailand. This Michelin-starred restaurant serves original Thai cuisine. And the second Nahm restaurant which is also the current one was opened in Metropolitan Bangkok in 2010.