How To Write the Outline of Academic Paper?

Academic papers are a form of carrier reflecting scientific research results, a means of conducting scientific research, expressing scientific research results and serving scientific research. The main purpose is to explain the research results or progress and record the information of new results, new technologies, new methods and new products that have not been reported by previous people.

These reports or records are of great significance to economic and social progress. Writing an academic thesis is an important aspect of examining the talents and qualities of undergraduates and graduate students. That is why writing services such as are becoming more and more popular day by day.

Academic dissertations include academic year dissertations, graduation dissertations, and scientific dissertations. The writing process of academic papers can be divided into five parts: drafting outlines; writing first drafts; implementing demonstrations; revising thesis and finalizing thesis.

According to different research methods of academic papers, the writing form and format of academic papers are also different. But the writing rules or writing process are basically the same.

Tips For Write the Outline of Academic Paper

1. Material preparation

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Academic papers are the author’s summary and improvement of academic achievements, and the epistemological sublimation of academic topics. Therefore, academic papers should be well prepared before and when writing. There are two aspects of preparation for academic thesis writing: material preparation and thinking preparation.

Before choosing a topic, consult the literature. Understand the research history and current status of this discipline. Clarify the research and results that have been conducted in the past in this discipline; understand the current status of research in this discipline in order to clarify the current level of research and unresolved issues.

Use the library to look up relevant newspapers, periodicals, index books, yearbooks, and other reference books, as well as make literature catalog cards. The card content contains the author, title, magazine name, and page number. For single copies, include the publishing unit, and the newspaper contains the year, month, and day of issue.

2. Draw up an outline

The outline is a preliminary form and simplified form of the thesis. The main role of compiling the outline is to help the author to look at the overall situation and establish the basic skeleton of the entire paper.

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A well-structured, dense, appropriate, and rigorous thesis framework system; providing a basis and reference for the writing and revision of the thesis, will be more aware of the shortcomings and defects in the text, and find the appropriate method of modification. Therefore, the outline must be prepared on the basis of analysis of research materials and careful thinking.

3. Outline requirements

The content and outline are the content of the dissertation, and the structure and language are the form of the dissertation. In order to express the theme and display ideas, the content structure must be properly arranged. The outline outlines a large block of the structure of the article according to the needs of the theme, and distributes the material to each part of the article.

The outline must be written to complete the project, which can form the outline of the article, and write as detailed as possible.

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From the content requirements, the outline of the thesis is divided into detailed and brief. The use of the two outlines is not only related to the scope, complexity and length of the content of the paper, but also to the preferences and habits of the author. The author can go according to actual needs. Choice, in general, the outline of the thesis should be detailed but not simple.

In general, there are rules for the writing of outlines, and there are no rules. They should be determined according to the subject characteristics, complexity and personal writing habits of the dissertation. The significance of drafting an outline is to inspire the author’s initiative and creativity. When writing, you must follow the outline without being overly bound by the outline.

You must think while writing and continue to develop ideas in order to write high-quality papers. For undergraduates who are writing beginners thesis, due to their low ability and proficiency in controlling materials, they should write a more detailed outline as much as possible.