Top 10 Most Weed Friendly Cities in the World

Hey, guys today we introduce the Most Weed Friendly Cities in the World. As you might already know, weed is one of the most highly politicized plants in the world, and the marijuana laws surrounding it differ from place to place.Smoking, buying, or selling cannabis in public is illegal. Cannabis clubs provide a suitable alternative for engaging in these activities. While the consumption of this popular herb is illegal in most parts of the world, you could still be smoking pot in a cannabis cafe in the following places.

So, if you’re looking for a perfect cannabis-friendly destination to chill and relax, here are the top 10 cities for stoners that can easily be considered a stoner’s dream.

Most Weed-Friendly Cities in the World

1. Amsterdam, Netherlands

Most Weed-Friendly Cities in the World

With around 200 sale of marijuana-friendly coffee shops, Amsterdam is one of the best destinations for cannabis lovers. You could buy 5 grams of weed and consume it in a coffee shop that suits your vibe.

With the stunning beauty of the place, the smoker-friendly hotels, and nightclubs, Amsterdam is a perfect place for a weed enthusiast. Mellow Yellow, the first pot-friendly coffee shop in Amsterdam, opened in 1972, has a comfortable environment and is a must-visit for a weed lover.

2. Los Angeles, USA

Most Weed-Friendly Cities in the World

The purchase of marijuana became legal in California in January 2018, and this gave a quick boost to tourism. Now, the city has to offer legal weed tours along with the Hollywood Walk of Fame and other such attractions. Some companies will provide you with weed buses offering airport pickups and drop-offs.

If you are 21 years or older, you can legally walk into a shop and purchase up to an ounce of marijuana per day or, brownies and beverages with up to eight grams of cannabis concentration.

3. Berlin, Germany

Most Weed-Friendly Cities in the World

Cannabis consumption is not legal in Berlin, except for medical purposes; however, smoking pot is tolerable. You will have to make sure you don’t have more than 15 grams on you, and you’re good to go. If you want to smoke in public, parks will be the best for you.

Having fun in Berlin is easy. Did you know that drinking beer on the street is legal here? If you are looking for a holiday destination with breathtaking architecture and a pot-friendly environment, Berlin might be just the place for you.

4. Vancouver, Canada

Most Weed-Friendly Cities in the World

With the passing of the Cannabis culture Act by the Canadian Senate on June 19, 2018, Canada is on the verge of becoming the second country in the world to allow the legal consumption of recreational weed. Vancouver, renowned for its high quality of life, is one of the perfect destinations for you if you’re on a budget. They are pretty lenient when it comes to pot smoking.

One can procure high-quality weed from Weedsmart which offers high-quality products with doorstep delivery options. Also, be sure to visit a Nanaimo bar and grab some samosas and sandwiches while you vape at a bar.

5. Kingston, Jamaica

Most Weed-Friendly Cities in the World

Kingston, Jamaica, the birthplace of Bob Marley, who popularized the whole culture around smoking weed, is one of the few marijuana legalization-friendly places in the world. Recreational Cannabis is illegal in Jamaica. However, its possession in small quantities is considered a minor offense.

In Kingston, you can experience the recreational marijuana lifestyle safely. The city has numerous resorts, and bars playing loud music. To sum up, it is a warm and happy place to have some pot-friendly fun.

6. Wellington, New Zealand

Most Weed-Friendly Cities in the World

Cannabis tourism remains illegal in New Zealand as of now. However, that does not prevent it from being the fourth most widely used recreational drug in New Zealand. If you are careful enough, you could still enjoy your pot here in Wellington.

If you want to experience a relaxing vacation by savoring Stoner Sundae in a fancy weed-friendly cafe while enjoying the breathtaking natural beauty of the island, then Wellington might be just the place for you.

7. Montevideo, Uruguay

Most Weed-Friendly Cities in the World

Uruguay is a very weed-friendly country. Personal use of weed had been decriminalized in Uruguay back in 1974, even though selling this herb remains illegal.

Did you know that the residents can grow high quality marijuana products, and they can freely give it away to you and me? This cozy city has to offer tango bars, hotels, and some rich architecture. If you visit this place, make sure you don’t forget to try the famous Stoner Sandwich.

8. Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica

Most Weed-Friendly Cities in the World

The people of Puerto Viejo are super friendly about pot consumption. Even though Costa Rica has decriminalized cannabis products, buying and consuming it is not legal. You can spend your day on the beach, smoking pot, or walking through the rainforest.

The laid back vibe of the beach gets replaced with reggae music at night. If you visit this place, you must try the famous peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Puerto Viejo is a bright, colorful city with beautiful beaches, rainforests, and friendly people. It is the perfect place to get stoned and relax.

9. San Francisco, USA

Most Weed-Friendly Cities in the World

San Francisco is said to be one of the most liberal and cannabis-loving cities in the world. It is one of the friendliest cities in the country and has an entire marijuana-smoking culture.

According to the law, you can carry up to one ounce of cannabis flower as well as eight grams of extract. You can also grow up to six plants. San Francisco also hosts its Cannabis capital Drinks Expo, which is a dream for cannabis enthusiasts.

10. Nimbin, Australia

Most Weed-Friendly Cities in the World

Nimbin in Australia is a hippie hub. Consumption of the herb is very easy in this city since the 1970s. Before the laws get stricter, the city had a Vancouver-style coffee shop.

The nachos and burgers of this place are a must-try. The locals here are extremely friendly. You’ll get great beer, live music, and pretty hotels in the heart of the city. You can easily get stoned and have a fun and relaxed time in a pub with your friends.

With scenic beauty, rich architecture, and friendly people, these cities, from different parts of the world, are a must-visit if you enjoy getting stoned once in a while. Keep in mind to check the laws of the place before visiting them. These pot-friendly cities are perfect holiday destinations for a relaxing, fun, and enjoyable vacation for you and your friends. Make sure you add these places to your bucket list. So where are you going next?

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