Best Portable Laptop Stands of 2023

Since the 1980s, laptops have been a boon to people who want to be able to work with more flexibility in their offices and homes rather than being tied down by desktop computers. They have gotten less expensive and more practical over the years for many people who are looking for alternatives to what are typically heavy, large-footprint desktops. Without using the best portable laptop stands for your specific model of laptop, though, your body can suffer from lopsided poor posture when it’s time to work on them as well as other issues such as neck pain or back strain from having your computer set on an unstable surface.

For freelancers, a laptop is handy and best for working anywhere. Laptops are more portable than desktops, so gig workers can travel and work more freely, meeting with clients wherever it happens to be convenient and transfer from home to a separate workspace if needed––and sometimes when all the work for the day is done, watch some of their favorite shows from the comfort of their bed in healthy posture.

And these best portable laptop stands are designed to elevate the laptop to eye level and so they do not require the user to hunch over while using the laptop keyboard. A laptop stand can be used in place of a laptop riser. These devices raise laptops higher than they would normally be when placed on a flat surface making them better for your neck and shoulders, as well as preventing neck or shoulder pain in general. These stands have been thoughtfully selected for their exceptional quality, innovative design, and unparalleled convenience.

Let’s look at the top portable laptop stands of 2022 that have great usability and affordable price.

How To Choose The Best Portable Laptop Stand?

As a freelancer or remote work or digital nomad-from-home employee, it might seem challenging to choose the right ergonomic external keyboard for you. After all, there are so many options available and Google yields hundreds of search results for any given search query. Just type “Portable Laptop Stand” into Google and you’ll see what we’re talking about!

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Below are the tips for choosing the best portable laptop stand,

  • A good laptop stand, like an adjustable laptop stand can end up costing you between $50-$200 depending on the brand and the features included. Although this might seem quite expensive for something you might think is unnecessary, it’s actually an investment in your health and overall productivity while using your laptop or PC to code or create content.
  • Taller or shorter than average people may want to invest in a variable height stand.Size matters, so, make sure it have adjustable option for your coworking space. It can help you ergonomically and improve productivity.
  • Home office desks can be small and need something that fits with the surroundings or even a simple folding stand as opposed to having to purchase an entire desk space. It makes sense if what you’re looking for is a large and comfortable option that can handle heavier keyboards, larger external monitors and more.
  • Laptops become extremely hot as they get a lot of use, but don’t panic as there are options out there for you to choose from which can help you avoid your laptop overheating. Some stands havebuilt-in fans, others have high quality materials or desk surface on the underside of the laptop cool to allow for good airflow.

Best Portable Laptop Stands

1. MeeFee Portable Laptop Stand

best portable laptop stand

MeeFee’s Mighty Laptop Stand packs a lot of versatility into this affordable stand. It supports any kind of larger laptop, which is a unique feature as many stands are not universal in this way. It also holds your phone. This can be essential when you need to reference your notes while working on the go and don’t want to stop for internet searches. However, it does have plastic parts so if you have a very heavy laptop, it may cause the stand to break easily.

2. Leeboom Portable Laptop Stand

best portable laptop stand

One of the best stands for laptops is this Leeboom Laptop holder. It is extremely portable, collapsing to less than 2 inches, and it even fits in any type of bag or backpack. This product supports laptops ranging different height options from 11 to 17 inches, so you can use it for regular calls if you have a Skype account or simply if you’re a business traveler who likes to keep in touch with your colleagues remotely whenever possible. It is one of the best laptop stands in our list.

‎3. Executive Office Solutions Laptop Stand

best portable laptop stand

Executive Office Solutions for durable laptop stand has metal parts and adjustable legs. It’s easy to adjust this stand, but some people have had issues with the legs because they are tricky to handle. This may work best for some users who need a specific height and angle for their expensive laptop, but it is not very portable compared to other largest laptop stands out there. You can work from anywhere, thats why its a best laptop stand for bed, couch or your kitchen.

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4. Lamicall Ergonomic Computer & Notebook Stand Holder for Desk

best portable laptop stand

Lamicall Ergonomic design Computer & Notebook Stand is highly ergonomic and will keep your workstation neat. It’s lightweight, has adjustable height settings and you can’t beat the price! This model by Lamicall does the job for a minimal price tag, but it still delivers great results flexibly. This is one of the best computer stand in the market you can get.

5. LIFELONG Adjustable Laptop Holder Desk Stand

best portable laptop stand

Built for the office, Portable Standing Desk with Adjustable Angle from Lifelong is the best laptop stand for those looking for a sit-to-stand solution. Reaching all the way to 20 inches wide when fully extended, this standing desk uses an alternative approach to working full-time standing up, but can be used as a complement to your primary setup. This item is adjustable and sets up fast. It also folds flat and doesn’t take up too much space in storage or carry around in your bag on the go.

The only disadvantage is a higher price tag that may put it out of reach for some, but if you’re looking for something durable and reliable enough to last, this might be one of the better portable laptop rain design stands on the market today by one of our top-rated brands!

6. ‎Corson Tools Portable Laptop Table

best portable laptop stand

Corson makes modern laptop desk inspired by the artist Jacques Wiener. Made in the USA, Corson stands are available at three price points: A $229 stand made of a powder-coated steel frame with a natural walnut veneer, a larger stand called The Bumper which costs $239 and is made of powder coated steel and matte anodized aluminum pieces, and the “Matte Black” model priced at $499 that offers a larger work surface and is made with T6 aluminum with hard anodized coating. The rubber pads underneath safeguard your floor and prevent any sliding.

7. Nulaxy Foldable Aluminum Laptop Stand

best portable laptop stand

This affordable option from Nulaxy Foldable Laptop Stand is a must-have if you’re a traveling freelancer (or really anyone) who needs some extra support and better positioning of your computer. Adjustable up to 5 inches high (depending on your own computer size) this laptop table might not be the best option if you are looking for something more portable stand or with more “leg room”, but it does offer great cooling and takes strain off of your neck when working for longer periods of time with your screen at eye level.

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8. SAIJI Adjustable Laptop Stand

best portable laptop stand

If you’re looking for a larger surface area, the SAIJI Adjustable Laptop Stand might just be that portable lap tray you’ve been searching for. With enough room to hold everything needed to stay productive on the go, this 23” is big enough to house not just your laptop but also a secondary tablet or two!

9. Bestand Portable Laptop Stand

best portable laptop stand

The Bestand Portable Laptop Stand combo pack 9.7 and 12 inches, is at the top of the list because of its durability and ease of use. It’s not adjustable but if you want to get rid of the hassle of assembling your own stand entirely, this middle-of-the-road choice should suit your needs just fine.

10. Stand Steady Portable Laptop Stand with Pull Out Mouse Pad & Cup Holder

best portable laptop stand

Stand Steady Portable Laptop Stand is a great option if you’re looking for a full-on standing desk! That said, this versatile portable laptop stand can move from room to room as needed and it just might be the best option out there if you often find yourself giving presentations since the angel is so adjustable to maximum height!

One great feature of this laptop stand is its wide range of heights for your laptop.

11. LOXP Aluminum Standing Laptop Stand for Desk

lap 3

With aluminum alloy ball bearings, loxp rotating laptop stand for desk has 6 times rotating life for smoother rotation and easier screen sharing. Loxp 360 rotatable laptop stand for desk is both elegant and durable, With a diameter of 11.02″ increased by 300% base, and CNC fine carved fashion appearance design.

12. SHELCONE Laptop Stand, Portable Laptop Stand


 With its sturdy material, Laptop Stand by SHELCONE is stylish and durable. The portable Laptop Stand made of a solid piece of aluminum supports up to 13 lbs. Adjust Foldable Laptop Riser to the perfect height to minimize neck fatigue. Sit properly in a comfortable posture and prevent neck and back pain

13. JOYEKY Laptop Stand for Desk, Adjustable Computer Stand with 360° Rotating Base


The laptop stand for the desk can be fully Foldable, it is easy to use and carry. Suitable for working at a home, office, and outdoors, make typing easier. Featuring a 360° rotatable Two-axis connection with the base makes the 360°rotation more flexible, computer stand allows you to swivel your laptop to any angle.


Cross-legged and hunched over in your seat trying to get lost in what you’re writing can drain a lot of energy. Use one of our recommended portable laptop stands to make sure that you’re getting ergonomic support, which will help relieve muscle strain throughout your body.

So, considering that most freelancers get stuck on their laptops for about 10 – 50+ hours every single week! Investing a bit of time and money into making yourself more comfortable could significantly improve your productivity (and profits)!

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