Top 11 Unique Birthday Gift Ideas For Her

Birthday is a special day for everyone at all ages. It is all the more special when it comes to surprising your woman on her special day. Whether it is your girlfriend or wife, you sure want nothing but to pick the best gift to wow her.

But choosing that perfect gift is not always easy, as it involves a lot of homework to know what your woman wants. The article here comes to your rescue with some unique birthday gift ideas for her to please your woman you deeply care about.

Unique Birthday Gift Ideas For Her

1. Birthstone Jewelry

Unique Birthday Gift Ideas For Her

If you want to adorn your sweetheart in a unique way, pick something that would touch her heart. Birthstone jewelry is one such birthday gift ideas for her. Choose from the bangles, rings, pendants or eardrops. She would love them, and moreover it would give her a personal feel.

2. Cashmere Items

Unique Birthday Gift Ideas For Her

Cashmere wear is always a fabulous gifting option, and although they are expensive, you can manage if you don’t have a tight budget. Buy a nice cashmere sweater or choose from the colorful and fancy scarves or even stylish stoles. You can choose from the regular brand or go for a designer one according to her taste.

Nowadays, many online stores also come with exclusive seasonal discounts and coupons and if you get lucky, you can get an excellent deal on them.

3. Chocolates

Unique Birthday Gift Ideas For Her

Chocolates can be one of the best birthday gifts for her as nobody can ever get upset with chocolates and therefore, you too can never go wrong if you choose chocolates as birthday gifts for her. With plenty of nicely boxed chocolates in the market, you have a choice to make.

If she is a fan of dark chocolates, gift her, a box of Belgian Godiva dark chocolates or Ghirardelli gift basket that comes in variety flavors. If she has other tastes, you can take your pick from other chocolate variants.

4. Neckpiece

Unique Birthday Gift Ideas For Her

A stunning piece of necklace can turn out to be one of the best birthday gifts for her as no woman ever has complained about a beautiful piece of jewelry. Be it your girlfriend or wife, a neckpiece as a birthday present would show how much you care.

You can choose from some expensive metals or beautiful stone studded neckpiece. To give it a personal and romantic touch you can personalize it with engravings of romantic notes or designs.

5. Coffee Maker

Unique Birthday Gift Ideas For Her

If your woman loves to sip on coffee every 2 or 3 hours a day, an excellent coffee maker is sure to delight her heart. Instead of the conventional coffee maker, buy a home latte maker to make it more special. It would not only save her money on those expensive coffee stores but also save her time and make it convenient for her to prepare the coffee anytime she wants.

6. Jewelry

Unique Birthday Gift Ideas For Her

Jewelry is no doubt a woman’s best friend and jewelry of any kind are would sure to impress your lady. You can choose from the classic gold or diamond jewelry options, or go for vintage styles with amber or silver jewelry options. If she is a fan of gemstones, give her something like a ruby or amber teardrop earrings she should cherish for a lifetime.

7. Wine

Unique Birthday Gift Ideas For Her

Wine can be one of the best birthday gift ideas for her as to celebrate a special day like your lady’s birthday wine would be a perfect guest. A bottle of her favorite sparkling wine graced with a beautiful ribbon would instantly light up the mood of your girl. Be sure to know her preferences before you buy it as the taste of wine vary to a great extent and she might not like the red wine as much as she adores the white one.

8. Exotic Perfume

Unique Birthday Gift Ideas For Her

Perfumes have allured women from ages, and if it’s a bottle of perfume she had her eyes on from a long time, which you would present her on her birthday, then you would hit the bull’s eye. Fragrances like Coco by Chanel or Burberry Body Eau De Parfum can be some of the best birthday gifts for her. Choose from the various scents like enticing floral aroma or the great sensuous aroma of a wildflower so as to match the personality of your woman.

9. Measuring Cups

Unique Birthday Gift Ideas For Her

Apart from the traditional gifts of chocolates, jewelry or perfume you can think of some practical birthday gift ideas for her, that would help her to tackle the day to day chores. If you are seeking for a birthday gift for your wife, a nice set of measuring cups would be a great one. She might shout with surprise and give you her great hugs for being so thoughtful.

It will make her all the happier if she loves to bake. With so many cute and designer measuring cups available in the market you can surely come up with the best one to impress her.

10. Desktop Weekly Planner

Unique Birthday Gift Ideas For Her

If your lady is a busy woman who tackles her work, home and her family with the equal responsibility she must be having a tough time to keep everything on proper track. You can step here to make things a little easy for her by showing some care.

Gift her this birthday a weekly desktop planner which might turn out to be one of the best birthday gifts for her. Also, to easing her task, it would also make her boring desk look exciting.

11. Lunch Tote Bag

Unique Birthday Gift Ideas For Her

A lunch tote bag can be counted as one of the birthday gift ideas for her as it would save her a lot of money that she spends for the daily lunch at office canteen. It would also be good health wise, as it would mean taking the homemade lunch every day.

To shop for the best birthday gifts for her, however, listen to your heart and come up with something that would give both you and your woman the most charming smile.

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