What is 5G? Why Cable TV Should Worry About it?

Cable TV has been ruling the telecom world for decades. Cable industry owners have a strong grip on the market as they have been receiving revenues from three main streams including cable TV, cable internet, and landline. But What is 5G? the hard hitting questions around the corner to change the world as we think now.  The bundle offers diced out by cable companies have been an instant hit ever since they were introduced to the customers for the first time. With top-notch providers like TWC TV offering the most exciting features and impressive customer care services, cable TV’s fan-following does not seem to be much affected by the 5G technology so far. With 5G technology growing and putting forth better plans, and making rocket fast speeds available while working on reducing the pricing, cable companies should know that it can be a real threat to their business or viewership.

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It will not be wrong to say that 5G development is heralding the dawn of a new battle for faster speed internet connectivity. Cable TV moguls aren’t much concerned for now, but they can expect mobile broadband to give more reasons to the customers to make a switch and abandon their cable TV subscriptions. Let’s have a closer look at why cable TV should be worried about 5G broadband.

What to Expect from Wireless 5G Broadband?

What is 5G

Cable TV needs to understand the real threat posed by the 5G broadband technology and be prepared to deal with the challenge that lies ahead. The cable TV industry seems to show that they are comfortable and not worried about the new technology, but they need to understand that 5G mobile broadband is the next big thing. In the competitive and ever-growing marketplace, we have today, it is unwise to miss the mark and not be concerned.

After all, we have seen examples of companies in the past who ruled the market for decades and were swept away overnight when newer technologies took over. We are talking about companies like Blackberry, Nokia, or Motorola who once were the biggest names of the industry and vanished when Apple iPhone and Google Android appeared and took the world by storm.

The cable industry has already experienced many transformations over the past decade. As the telecom market and TV watching trends altered with the advent of newly introduced online streaming platforms, we saw the cable industry focusing more on cable internet that became their backbone for survival and sustainability. The cable industry started paying more attention to high-speed cable internet and bundling options that were a success. 5G technology is set to transform the marketplace as the 5G broadband has complete potential to change the trajectory once again.

The Future is Here: 5G Wireless

The cable companies, who recognize the changing wave and prepare themselves for competing, might be able to pull through the rapid shift towards 5G and be fine. However, the ones that keep denying it and continue to close their eyes to the threat of the super-fast wireless 5G internet taking over the industry might suffer and are likely to be lost in the vigorous competition ahead. The cable TV industry must work on a solution to deal with the new 5G internet wave if they are not to become obsolete in near future.

Benefits of 5G Technology

What is 5G

5G is more than just blazing-fast wireless internet service. It has exceptional potential to transform our lifestyles, daily entertainment consumption, and influence the way we carry out our online activities.

This is because the recently introduced 5G technology is set to open doors to new opportunities in every sector and provide the most outstanding experience to the users when it comes to incredible speeds for streaming.

Whether you are a heavy gamer or streamer, you will be able to play games and watch TV series seamlessly from anywhere you want without facing any lag or ping rate.

Cable TV’s Edge

Cable TV can come up with a strong strategy to combat the 5G mania. People are always looking for better options and more convenience. Cable TV still has the edge of better coverage as compared to the 5G mobile broadband which is not available everywhere. Moreover, 5G phones and plans are still much pricey, so every user might not be comfortable making that investment now. On the other hand, cable TV and internet plans, particularly the bundle offers are comparatively cost-effective and budget-friendly. Therefore, cable services are still popular enough and easily accessible at more places, which works for most of the users.

Wrapping Up

Cable companies need to realize the potential threat that the rising popularity of 5G technology might bring and work on implementing better strategies rather than being ignorant about it. As long as cable TV continues to provide what people need at a lower cost with more reliable service, the cable industry will survive the challenge.

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