10 Best Video Conferencing Software For Both Individual and Business 2022

Video conferencing software is a software that enables you to communicate with certain people online to discuss anything and is often used during meetings and seminars. Though most features include screenshots, recording and chatting, video conferencing softwares are different from each other as some have features that others do not have while some softwares are way better in audio or video than others. Due to this very main reason, it is very essential for you to know what feature you need the most and choose a video conferencing software that targets that specific feature.

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Since there are a lot of video conferencing softwares available that can either be free or paid, I will list here the best video conferencing that I believe will help you enhance your communication for your business or career. In this case, you will be able to know which specific software is intended and best for you depending on your use.

Best Video Conferencing Software

1. GoToMeeting

Best Video Conferencing Software

A mobile friendly video conferencing software in the market now. With millions of small and big business using this software to have web conferencing , screen sharing and more.

LogMeIn is the company who created this best video conferencing software, which is easy to setup and start meetings from your smartphone without any struggle that you face from big software’s. It has automatic image / video enhancing quality, and chat with your peers flawlessly.

One of the best video conferencing software leader in the current market. Worth try it out!

2. Onstream Meetings

Best Video Conferencing Software

They offer a free trial where no payment information is required; hence, you will feel secured that they will not automatically deduct it on your credit card. They have a great 100+ features including whiteboard and mark-up where you can easily present your ideas, application desktop and video sharing as well real-time reporting which makes it easier and more convenient for business reporting and proposals.

3. Zoom Meetings

If one video conferencing software that captured the people’s attention so quickly, then without a doubt Zoom is top of it all. It has grown exponentially because of its simple setup, quick navigation, enhanced image / video quality and low cost to use.

Best Video Conferencing Software

Zoom Meetings offers a best video conferencing options and messaging solution for desktop and mobile devices, that aims to be very quick and easy to set up, and offer a variety of scaleable features. This is a best option for remote workers.

All your Meetings can be saved in your local drive or to the cloud storage, along with meeting transcripts that have searchable text to work with. Additionally, simple collaboration feature is built in with the ability for peers / participation to share their screens and work together to provide their own notes as required.

It is definitely one of the best video conferencing software that you should check out.

4. Adobe Connect

Best Video Conferencing Software

If you want a secured conference, there is no better than Adobe Connect as they feature one extensive security. When using this software, you will be guaranteed a smooth flowing conference as this can run smoothly on any browsers. You take control which features the participants can have access to and you may also enable them to participate lively as they can write on the whiteboard and annotate chart on screens.

If there is one disadvantage on this part, however, it is the fact that they do not support audio or phone-in features though they have partnered with other companies to re-enforce them with the teleconferencing capability which you might need to download on your end.

5. InterCall

Best Video Conferencing Software

InterCall offers several program plans which you can choose depending on your needs. InterCall is also a partner of Adobe Connect when you need an audio for your conference. You can easily see each of the participant’s profile and who is talking loudly or have background noises, then you can have the mute-unmute action for that participant if you want to. You may also use this action when one is presenting to avoid interruption, however, the participants will have to click a button when he/she has a question to raise.

6. ClickMeeting

Best Video Conferencing Software

ClickMeeting includes Google Translate in their features making it possible to hold a conference internationally and talk to clients and participants even if you are not fluent with their language. They also offer predesigned layouts which you can use or you can create your own to fit your company or the theme of your meeting. If there is one lacking feature in ClickMeeting that other software has, it will be the lack of breakout rooms which means that you cannot provide private chatrooms and it also lacks the ability for screenshots.

7. WebEx

Best Video Conferencing Software

One of the best thing about WebEx is that they have a feature which helps you prepare and follow-up for a next meeting/conference among the participants. You can set the software to record the next schedule automatically and at the end of every meeting, you can upload the files that have been presented, insert notes and invite the participants you want to include on future meeting/conference.

It can also be used for tablets and mobiles as well making it convenient if you are the get-going type of person. One lacking feature of WebEx though is that it does not provide breakout rooms which makes it hard if you want a private matter to discuss with someone.

8. Join.Me

Best Video Conferencing Software

Join.Me also offers several package plans for your needs and they even have a free basic plan which includes screen sharing with VoIP calling for up to 10 participants as well as email support. Pro Plan will cost you $ 15 per month but you can enjoy unlimited audio conferencing for up to 250 participants while an Enterprise Plan is $ 19 and includes other integrations. These plans come in with phone and email support as well as 5GB and 5TB of cloud storage as well as video chats.

9. Skype

Best Video Conferencing Software

Skype supports up to 250 participants and lets you contact Skype users and phone numbers worldwide. We may be familiar with the normal and regular Skype use and we even use it regularly for free, however, Skype for Business comes in with an additional fee starting at $ 2 per month for Online Plan 1 and $ 5.50 per month for Online Plan 2. Skype for Business is great for starting and small businesses as it will provide a great form of communication.

10. Fuze

Best Video Conferencing Software

Fuze also offers a free plan that can hold up to 25 participants in a single meeting or conference making this one of the perfect choice for small businesses that are cutting down their cost. If you need more participants, you may join their Fuze’s Pro Plan for just $ 10 and you will have as many as 125 attendees. All plans include a 1GB cloud space and also enable you to share screens and make notes on whiteboards. If you are working on a tight budget, then Fuze must be for you.

Indeed, this best video conferencing softwares make it easy for businesses and people to contact and communicate with each other. Due to the different features being offered, meetings and conferences can be held systematically and information relayed can be easily understood by the participants because there is an interactive stage when using these softwares.

If you are in a tight budget, you may also enjoy those free trials and free services being offered by some of these company softwares. Furthermore, these 8 list are the best video conferencing softwares out there for you to use and I hope that it suits your need.

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