Everything’s Going Remote Collaboration : Education, Socialization and Entertainment Included

Easy way to remote collaboration. The saying “there’s an app for that,” just became almost totally all-encompassing. From tracking your blood pressure and weight loss progress to confirming your work schedule, people have become more acclimated to technology improving some of the most crucial parts of their lives. On the other hand, some activities were long thought to be totally irreplaceable by technology.

Surely, concerts and movies are best experienced in person, right? The reality is that nearly everything you can think of has a technological counterpart. Telemedicine is becoming the standard in place of in-person doctor’s visits, just as Metallica has and will continue doing all of its concerts virtually for the foreseeable future. Learn all about the ways that your favorite activities are going remote before you experience how they will fit into your life.

Why Zoom Meetings Have Become all the Rage?

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A record number of people are working from home nowadays, but even those who aren’t still need to adjust to this notable shift in digital technology. Internet platforms such as Zoom have made it possible for everyone from church groups to charities to hold meetings virtually, give presentations, and share information. Businesses and groups have long had the option of holding online meetings and conference calls, but there is just something about seeing the faces of all the attendees that makes things feel more, well, real. College students in study groups have been using Zoom and FaceTime to conduct study sessions remotely, so that they can all feel like they are in the same room together without putting their health at risk. Zoom meetings and similar technologies may have replaced the concept of in-person meetings and conferences permanently.

Online Shopping and Grocery Deliveries

So, online shopping isn’t exactly a new technology. People have been placing orders online for the better part of two decades, but what about having dinner, drinks, and live entertainment delivered to your door? As businesses shift, and customers have a new set of expectations, some are re-evaluating their entire models and making surprising discoveries. People are coming to understand that they can do and enjoy the same types of  activities that they did in public at home, with the help of a bit of ingenuity.

Take Meals on Heels for example. With public performance restrictions in place and significantly fewer patrons coming out, the proprietor of a California based drag club starting offering a delivery service which provided customers with dinner, drinks, and a live, socially distanced performance. The service is getting rave reviews, and drag performers who might’ve otherwise gone without a paycheck are finding a fun new way to supplement their income.

Learning via Virtual Classrooms

As with the other above-mentioned technologies, online school is definitely not a brand-new concept. Colleges have been touting virtual learning as the most effective and convenient means of attaining an education for quite a while now. But, while MBA and other degree students have long been happy to meet with their professors online, the parents of primary school aged children have been a little more resistant. In addition, most public primary schools have also been slow to do more than offer parent resource pages and school calendars online.

Today, virtual classrooms have become the model around the country. There are high school students graduating remotely, and even school orientations being hosted online.  And while going to a traditional university used to be the norm, online schools are now more popular than ever.  Rather than needing to take two years out of the workforce to study for a masters, you can study part time while continuing with your day job.  This kind of convenience has been essential, especially for those studying for things like an MBA – which you can find out more about here – due to the competitive job environments we’re currently experiencing.

Online Concerts and Mixers

If you like live entertainment, then you more than likely enjoy getting dressed, going out, and seeing your favorite performers on stage. And technically, you can still do that – except you won’t be going out further than your backyard. A number of musicians and entertainers have been holding online concerts, from their own homes, in their comfiest set of pajamas. And the message has been embraced by fans all over. Regular, everyday people aren’t the only ones coping with this exciting but curious change in how we all interact. Thankfully, technology has kept up with the times. So, even if you can’t go out to the movies with a friend, you can still turn on Netflix and engage with your loved ones virtually.

Remote collaboration: How FaceTime and Video-chatting are Helping Families Stay Connected?

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Speaking of staying connected to friends and family, people are actually using their smartphones for communication purposes, instead of what they normally did, which was to play games and surf the web. Prior to these changes, a lot of people were using their smartphones as a constant source of entertainment, essentially forgetting the initial purpose of cell phones all together. Before text messaging became a thing, people used their cell phones only in emergencies, usually when they were out and about. Now, pretty much everyone has learned the importance of staying connected, thanks to this technology. As an aside, family events and holidays are being hosted online on a more frequent basis as well.

Is Your Home Going Digital?

A lot of people already know how invaluable it is to have a wireless home security system. If the power goes out, these systems usually still work and provide around-the-clock protection, as all information is backed up digitally. But, what about smart TVs, refrigerators, and even thermostats? If you are ‘wired-in,’ then you already realize that you can control just about every aspect of your home remotely.

Instead of having to walk down the stairs and turn up the thermostat, you can use your smartphone to make adjustments conveniently. Doorbells are now coming with cameras, so you can see who is at the door before deciding on how to approach the situation. These technologies are neat and convenient, but they are also exceedingly important in potentially critical safety situations.

People who are coping well are making the best use of all available modern technologies. In general, people are taking more time for themselves, working on their goals, and figuring themselves out. When you don’t have the distractions associated with the normal hustle and bustle of life, you can become more introspective and determine what really matters to you.  The good news is that technology has become much more of a help than a setback.

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