How To Maintain A Long Distance Relationship? -15 Proven Tips

In a long-distance relationship, both women and men have a hard time dealing with separation. Closeness is a major feature of any strong relationship or marriage. But How To Maintain A Long Distance Relationship? – A healthy relationship develops by way of deep understanding of one another, which naturally comes from being together.

Hence, maintaining a long-distance relationship work includes some special challenges in both physically and emotionally. Here we posted this article to guide you on how to maintain a long-distance relationship with some proven approaches.

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A long-distance relationship is very tough, and it is not possible to meet your partner frequently since the distance is too much & you only get a chance to meet him or her two or three times per year. At times, you may lose hope and think this won’t work out. While it is pleasant to hear from them a few times throughout the day, it is not essential to be in constant contact with them for a couple of time in everyday life.

However, several couples have been successfully maintaining their long distance relationship by setting some boundaries. Some people believe that relationship fails due to long distance, but it is just a myth. Maintaining a personal life and finding enjoyment can sometimes be easier when you are physical distance from your significant other. Nothing in our life is greater than love.

Dr. Guldner says that couples in the long distance type of relationship maintaining the same levels of trust, intimacy, satisfaction, and commitments as the close couples. He did ten years of research and stated that couples might call off their relationship agreements for many reasons, but the long distance does not be one among them. Absence seems to make the couple’s heart fonder.

15 Tips On How To Maintain A Long Distance Relationship

How To Maintain A Long Distance Relationship?

1. Trust Each Other

A little space definitely keeps things harmless; being apart is very rough. Taking things in a negative way can toll the relationship. Like traditional relationships, as a couple, it is important to trust each other. Try to do your best to be as faithful in your relationship and reduce the actions that destroy the trust of each other. Trust issues can significantly impact and even lead to the demise of long-distance relationships. Don’t put yourself in situations where you would be convinced. Don’t be too jealous or anxious if you are not clear about what he or she is doing.

The best long distance relationships quotes from Masini, a dating coach for those who want to know how to maintain a long relationship, is, “Instead of moaning that you never see each other, talk about the interesting things you’ve been doing and ask what he’s up to.” This idea will help you in 2 ways: He never thinks you are obsessed with relationships, and you will not be obsessed.

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A simple trick here is if you precede your life with happiness and long distance relationship alive, then you will actually feel happy. It is normal for everyone to think about how their better half spends time without them, but keep on thinking and worrying will not change anything. Hence, trust is an essential thing that is required in any term relationship, and it needs to be mutual.

2. Set Appointments

Whether you communicate in phone calls, Skype/messenger sessions, or whatever way you use to be in touch with each other, scheduling the correct time is very important. do long distance relationships work? Yes, It gives your loved one to look forward to the time and prevents conflicts over why he or she didn’t make a call or answer. Setting appointments can also express how often you like to talk with your partner.

Expectations for each person may be different, so find some compromise in your appointments. In case if you are stuck with your work and not possible to be available at the scheduled time, then text a love message and make your mate know why you missed it.

3. Stay Connected Via Doing Things Together

When it comes to how to maintain a long distance relationship, doing things together is the proven approach that many couples using. It is important for long-distance couples to do some possible things together in addition to the usual phone calls. In a long distance relationship, sometimes the interaction only over the phone can become boring in the long run.

Adding other forms of interaction can help to maintain a healthy relationship style. Couples in short-distance relationships usually don’t spend more time talking, but rather they involve in doing things together. Hence, try to imitate this with the help of the current technologies.

It is very difficult to get a dinner date twice or thrice in a year. Try to have dinner together more frequently while you both chat via chat / video calls. You both can celebrate special occasions with chat apps.

For example, get a cake for your partner’s birthday and cut it at the same time when she cut her own cake on Skype. These approaches can make you feel happy.

Another way to stay connected is by watching the same movie or favorite program at the same time. Just work out the concept, “Live tweeting and live messaging.”

Here is how it works: Start the same movie at the same time and share your thoughts about the movie with each other throughout the movie. Though this way might not work as best as physically being together and commenting on a movie, it plays something good than getting the chance to watch movies 2 or 3 times per year with them.

4. Write Love Letters

Though it may be the old-fashioned idea, it is one of the answers that come out from many couples for the question, how to maintain a long distance relationship. Handwritten letters are the best thing that makes your partner smile. There is no word to express the heartwarming feeling when holding a piece of a letter written by your partner.

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Nowadays, handwritten letters are rare, since people forget that they can add some personal touch. Here this idea won’t convey frequent communication always via letters, but it is good to write one letter per month. Imagine when you are feeling lonely and worrying about your long-distance relationship, and suddenly you get a love letter from your partner, then think about how your day will be.

Love letters are a sentimental way to express your love & appreciation. This is the best way to increase a deep connection between you and your partner.


5. Exchange The Gifts Often

Sending gifts for your partner on special days will make him or her knows you always thinking about them. Imagine the feeling of receiving a bunch of roses from your partner on your birthday. Sure, this long distance relationships gifts will reduce the pain of being in far from him and make you happy.

Some open minded couples try sexual toys for long distance relationship ideas to work better.

Not only on special occasion but sending a gift to your partner on any random day also make it very awesome relationship. Here the value doesn’t depend on the cost of the gift; it only matters how often you surprise your partner. Be creative in choosing the gifts.


6. Visit Often

How To Maintain A Long Distance Relationship?

You can share anything by using various communication technologies, but they definitely not work much more than visiting each other. Hence, in case you are very conscious about how to maintain a long distance relationship, keep the practice of visiting each other as often as possible to spend quality time. Ensure to spend the weekends together and try to spend at each other’s homes rather than taking vacations.

Of course, vacations are a great way to enjoy, but they won’t give you an insight into the daily life of your partner. Understanding rises from a deep sense of intimacy with your partner. This intimacy starts at home. Don’t miss any opportunity to see each other. If you can visit based on a standard schedule, if you can’t, try for planning visits at the end of each visit.

You can also plan to make your own rituals around your visits. For example, eat at your favorite restaurant, share in-person activity, enjoy a night together, or anything else. Frequent travel might make you tired or increase pressure, so try to keep your travel as simple as possible. To save time and unwanted pressure, leave your basics at the home of your partner, and practice to travel with only one bag.

Also, take steps to meet the friends of your partner there and ensure that he or she is doing well without any problems. This approach can support you in knowing more about the routine life of your loved one.

7. Surprise Visit

Though frequent visits can strengthen the regular relationship between you both, some people won’t often get time to visit each other. There is no need for those people to worry about this since an unexpected visit can also do more good things in their relationship.

Plan a surprise visit on your partner’s special occasion. This will make them feel the happiest person in the world since, due to the time and distance, your partner won’t expect your presence on that day. Seeing you unexpectedly would be the greatest present on your mate’s special day.

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8. Share Something

In addition to sharing your feelings via phone or another communication lines, sharing online journals, scrapbooks, or calendars provides a new way to keep your relationship without boring. This idea can help couples to know something about each other’s activities. For example, if they miss each other, they will have someplace to see why.

9. Video Chat Regularly

How To Maintain A Long Distance Relationship?

If you are not possible to visit in-person often, try to schedule some time for video chat. Plan to have at least 5 minutes of video chat daily, this will help to see each other daily and it plays a key to develop intimacy. The consistent visual connection can build confidence and familiarity. You should be conscious of what you are talking about while in video chatting.

Sometimes it continues with funny and happy things. Other periods of time it may turn into a clash where you start to talk about unwanted things. Since it is a short period, you might not have the opportunity to resolve the issue.

10. Practice Honesty

Honesty is very important. You need to set some boundaries about your individuality. In this way, you can remain free from misunderstandings. Ensure that you both are on the same track while you are separate.

11. Practice good self-care

Taking care of yourself is crucial in any relationship, including long-distance ones. Make sure to prioritize self-care, such as getting enough sleep, eating well, exercising, and managing stress. When you feel good about yourself, you’ll be better able to contribute to your relationship.

“Love knows no distance; it bridges any gap.”

12. Send Photos

Capturing photos of your activities throughout a day and exchanging them instantly can be an easy and quick way to know each other’s daily experience. This approach also maintains the transparency of the couple’s daily life, which plays a lot in maintaining trust alive.

13. Resolve any clashes right away

Letting a small issue for a long time can affect your long-distance relationship. Hence, try to resolve any issues or clashes right away to prevent them from festering yourself.

In long distance relationship, when there is a fight between you, your mate might avoid communicating with you. In addition, it won’t be possible to visit him or her to request an apology. It would not be good for your relationship. Hence, don’t allow the clashes to arise and if it comes, try to resolve them right away.

14. Stay positive and optimistic

Long-distance relationships can be tough, but maintaining a positive and optimistic outlook can make a big difference. Focus on the positives, celebrate milestones, and keep a positive mindset towards the future.

15. Don’t Discuss Everything Via Text

We are blessed with several communication modes like phone, email, IM, and text message. Most people choose the text message as their way to communicate. However, a text message is very vague & they can’t convey your emotions. Discussing some serious matters via text can lead to senseless arguments.

If you are texting a lot, then ask yourself you are communicating. Are you find that you are afraid of missing your partner or not comfortable with where you are. Hence, don’t use communication out of insecurity or panic.