How To Keep your toddler’s teeth in tip-top shape? – Tooth care tips 2022!

Let’s get started to know toddler’s teeth in tip-top shape. A healthy dental routine is essential at every age. Giving your kids a strong foundation by starting early dental care tips is more critical. You can teach them good oral hygiene habits from childhood, which will last life long. Not taking good care of the teeth can affect your overall health.

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All that said, it can be challenging to get your kids to follow an oral care routine. You might get into a debate on why to religiously follow tooth-brushing rituals and the benefit of flossing. You got to be patient and give them compassionate care. Below are a few tips that will help parents in keeping their toddler’s pearly-white teeth trouble-free.

Ways To Your Toddler Teeth in Tip-Top Shape

1. Start Dental Care Early

How To Keep your toddler's teeth in tip-top shape

The earlier you start taking care of your toddler’s teeth, the better. By the age of one, your child starts growing one or two teeth. Starting the oral care routine from age one will ensure that their tooth is off to a good start. Your child also gets comfortable when visiting a dentist and sitting in the dentist’s chair

2. Visit a Dentist Regularly

Every parent wants only good things for their kid, and they do so much in protecting their kid from any harm. Routine dental checkups are a way of detecting problems at an early stage and saving on treatments. Adults sometimes skip their appointments, but for kids, this cannot be the standard. No matter how much self-inspection parents do, certain problems look normal from the surface, like decay in a molar that, if not detected on time, can spread to the adjacent tooth.

It can lead to an ailment called Hypoplasia. If your dentist pays attention to this kind of case in time, the dentist can protect the structural integrity of the mouth with the help of pediatric dental crowns. Therefore, regular dental visits and follow-ups with the dentist can keep your toddlers away from oral complications.

3. No bottle during bedtime

Many parents let their kids go to bed with a sippy cup or bottle to avoid the bedtime drama. But do you know that this habit is harmful? The milk or juice in the bottle contains sugar, which can break down the tooth enamel real quick. It is more rapid when this liquid stays in the child’s mouth overnight. Instead, you can give them plain drinking water, which is safe for taking to bed and does well for their health.

4. Reduce sugar intake

A proper oral care routine is not just about brushing and flossing. It is essential to keep a check on the amount of sugar you take in every day. Avoid giving your kid too much ice cream and candies and also don’t let your kids go to bed without brushing after a sweet treat. It can lead to severe tooth decay.

5. Present Healthy Habits

Kids imitate their parents. They watch and learn very fast. So, it is important that you set the right example by showing them how you take care of your teeth. Show them how persistent you are in eating healthy, flossing, booking dental appointments, and brushing. This will make half your job easy, and you don’t have to force any habit on them in the future.

Healthy habits consist of making a conscious decision of brushing and flossing twice a day, avoid fast foods and less sweet foods. As parents, you should control your child’s addiction to attaching to milk bottles for a longer duration, sipping sugary fluids, or any habit that is harmful to your kid’s health.

6. Self-Inspection

How To Keep your toddler's teeth in tip-top shape

Parents have to be very alert and must regularly inspect the health of the toddler’s teeth. You can use a soft, clean cloth to clean their teeth and delicate gums. You should check on for any indications of tooth decay as it might prove dangerous in the long run. Also, have a close look at any odd behaviour or jaw movements as these can be the symptoms for toothache, and they might be finding it difficult to chew their food.

7. Make Brushing Time Fun

Kids love all fun activities. So, try to make brushing a fun activity for them. You guys can sing together while brushing to avoid the feeling of a boring brushing routine.

8. Introduce Healthy Food Options

Getting your kids to eat food can be tricky, especially when it’s healthy. Toddlers enjoy tasty food, and they love it even more if it’s sweet. A diet with high sugary items and salty food products can disturb the digestion and destroy their pearly white teeth. When chewy food items get deposited, it creates a cavity. Therefore, you must consciously avoid such food items.

Include foods that are rich in vitamins, minerals, fibers, and antioxidants. To make it look interesting, put your kid’s favorite topping on them. Replace the gummy bears and fruit candies with real fruits containing natural sugar. Give them drinking water that has sufficient fluoride as it fights stained teeth and shields tooth enamel.

9. Keep baby items germ-free

Babies have the habit of sticking any object they find into their mouths. Though it looks funny and cute, it invites unwanted infection and germs. So, parents, make sure that things surrounding the baby like toys and milk bottle are germ-free and clean. Sometimes, people like to put their thumb inside the baby’s mouth, assuming that they might be liking it. But this can also be a way for life-threatening germs to enter the baby’s body. So, parents should make sure that it doesn’t happen.


The above are the nine tooth care tips for toddlers to keep their teeth in tip-top shape. The tips mentioned above are easy to adapt to your lifestyle. It can prevent the occurrence of any tooth decay, discomfort, and pain in the toddler’s life. You can avoid getting your kids to undergo treatments and protect them from such troubles.

Also, don’t be so hard on those little souls. Let them satisfy their sweet tooth once in a while, but if you can make it healthy, then that’s again a victory. Kids develop their taste buds with what you feed them. So, if you put them into a habit of eating healthy, delicious foods, they won’t even crave processed food anymore.

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