Top 10 Pregnancy Tips For First Time Moms In 2023

Once you have a new resident inside the womb, the one common question most mothers will have is — what to do when you are pregnant? Well, you might have calculated the due date, chosen the hospital and everything is all planned to meet your baby. But wait! What are you going to do until then? Are you spending enough time with your unborn baby? – All will be answered in this pregnancy tips for first time moms article for you.

Babies inside the womb, can see, hear, feel and move. They can even respond. Considering this, here are 10 amazing ideas to start playing with your baby and pregnancy tips. If you want to know about massage during pregnancy click here.

10 Pregnancy tips for first time moms

No more wondering what to do when you are pregnant because here are 10 amazing pregnancy tips for first time moms to start with.

1. Talk To The Baby As If, You Are Holding It In Your Arms

How would you behave when your new born is arrived? You will start playing and start to share your experiences right? Behave the same though your baby is still living inside. Right from the week 18, your baby starts to sense the voices and is eagerly waiting to hear yours. Talk with your baby and make him/her utilize the stage for learning language.

2. Respond to Your Baby’s Moves & Kicks

Though your baby starts to move from week 8, women generally start to sense it between the weeks 16 to 22. So whenever you sense that your baby is reaching out with his tiny foot and touch your tummy, say “Mom is right here, Sweetie” or “Your kick was so strong, do it light”.

3. Try Different Foods To Find Your Baby’s Reaction

When it comes to food diet, you must have already known what to do when pregnant. Following a healthy diet does not necessarily mean, you should repeat the same. Try different safe to eat foods every now and then and watch your baby’s reaction. Flavors from the food are passed on to your baby through the amniotic fluid. Your baby remembers every flavor and respond differently according to its like and dislikes.

4. Go For Shopping

pregnancy tips for first time moms

Until you reach your final trimester, you can actually go for a shopping. While collecting the things for your baby, imagine whether your baby would like these outfit? How about the bright color carrier? Fire such questions to your baby. You are right. You will not get much of feedback but still doing so, you can both enjoy shopping and can create a bond at the same time.

5. Create A Bond Between Siblings

pregnancy tips for first time moms

If you already have a kid, make him or her draw a picture for your baby in the womb. Siblings would do it happily. Make them to walk up to your tommy and ask whether the baby like the picture. Get it from your kid and hung up in the baby’s room. It will create a bond between siblings even before the newborn arrives here.

6. Draft Letters To Your Womb Resident

Since you are pregnant, you would have plenty of time to use up. It might be years since you wrote any letter. You may even think it is outdated. It’s OK. Take a piece of paper and start writing letters to your baby. This will keep your brain healthy and one of the way for how to have a healthy pregnancy.

You can write a letter regarding the doctor appointment, what you have bought for your baby, how you felt when your first kid spoken its first word, which flowers bloom in this season, this year’s first rainy day or anything you feel it’s good. Never write about the problems. Just imagine how your baby will feel when you show it to him/her after she grow up. So exciting right? He will keep these as treasure to the rest of his life.

7. Poke Back Your Baby

Whenever your baby kicks inside your tummy, you poke the same spot gently. Watch out whether he or she kicks back again. Change the spot and poke. See whether he kicks in the spot where you poked. Some babies sense these movements and enjoy playing this hide-n- seek game.

8. Imagine About Your Baby

Settle down comfortably, close your eyes as if you are doing a meditation and place both of your hands on your belly. Take a deep breath. Start thinking about your baby. Visualize how it would be when your baby starts to play, sucking her thumbs, smiles and know she is loved. Enjoy the feel and share the peace and warmth with your baby inside the womb.

9. Read The Kid’s Stories For Your Baby

Do you love reading books? Even if you don’t start developing this habit for the sake of your baby. Read out some interesting stories to your baby. Remember, your baby listens. Babies love stories and remember it too. Studies have shown that when the kid grow up and here the same story, they prefer it by getting the sense of hearing it somewhere. Reading is one of the great hobbies you can teach your baby while at the womb.

10. Play Some Nighttime Tunes

listening to night tunes

Hearing music can make kids of all ages happier and smarter. It’s a proven fact. This same is true to the fetus as well. Play mild, gentle music to your unborn baby while you are about to lay down or sleep. Babies mostly prefer the music that mimics its mom’s heart beat rate as 1 beat per second. Since it takes the music too close to your baby, it’s not a very good idea to use headphone for playing music. Keep the volume on your stereo below 50 dB.

Do you have any interesting ideas to add up to the list “Pregnancy tips and what to do when pregnant”?Don’t forget to leave your comments in the comment section.

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