How To Create Live Streaming Website From Scratch?

Streaming services are growing faster and many media giants like Disney, HBO, are getting into the future of media. The streaming technology have lot to offer while internet is changing the way we use, number of smartphones growth, especially for growing countries. Now a days anyone ca create a streaming website with wide variety of free tools on the internet. So, How to create live streaming website from scratch even if you are not technical at all. We have a great guide for you.

Ever been fascinated at how bettors can simply gather information from provided MLB lines, spreads, and odds, to then wager on a live baseball game? With all the action that’s taking place in the game itself, sportsbooks like BetUS can broadcast this live to you thanks to high-quality streaming technology. 

If you’re looking to also be like BetUS and broadcast your video content live, then you might as well consider doing it on a live streaming website. This may feel otherwise to you if you’re assuming that you’d need to be an expert to do this, however, even as a beginner, you can build your own live streaming website from scratch with no hassles. To learn how you can do this in a few easy steps, you can keep reading our beginner’s guide for more. 

Steps To Create Live Streaming Website From Scratch

So, How to create live streaming website from scratch? Let us get into the detail process of starting your own streaming website.

How To Create Live Streaming Website From Scratch

1. Choose A Business Model

When you have a clear understanding of what your content will be about and who it will be for, you can move on to choosing a business model. Should you have plans to monetize your content, then there are proven options that you can use to repurpose them. By changing them to video on-demand videos, you’ll have the option to choose between three leading business models which are:

  • Ad-Based Video on Demand (AVOD)
  • Subscription Video on Demand (SVOD)
  • Transactional Video on Demand (TVOD)

Other options that you can also consider to monetize your content would be to sell your products, accept donations, or advertise your services. 

2. Get Web Hosting And Get A Domain Name

Once your requirements and business plan are ready, you can now look into setting up your website. The first step is to choose a domain name and this will likely be your brand’s name, but you can choose otherwise. This is a core part of create live streaming website from scratch.

After deciding on a name, you’ll have to register the domain name under a web hosting service. There are many web hosting services that you can choose between, but when you go about choosing the top-level domain of the name, rather opt for `.stream’ so it quickly gives away what your website is about. When it comes to hosting, the best option is VPS. If you are not familiar with what exactly VPS hosting is, you can learn here.

3. Get Live Recording Equipment

Live Recording Equipment

Since you’re starting, you may think of opting for a more affordable option to do your streaming, however, live streaming may need further investing because you do need to offer professional audio and video so the quality of your live streams can be of professional grade. 

For high-quality videos, you will need to work with a high-quality camera that has an HDMI connection. You will also need audio recording equipment coming from an external microphone held just outside of the camera frame or worn on the lapel for the best quality audio. 

4. Choose Encoding Software

Most cameras are meant for recording and not necessarily live streaming. Therefore, you need to choose a software encoder or hardware that will be compatible with your camera of choice. Encoding works to change your video format from one that’s optimized for storage and recording to one that’s optimized for web transmission. Hardware encoders, on the other hand, allow you to bypass the need for computers. 

5. Get A Reliable Internet Connection

You have to ensure that your internet connection is fast and reliable while streaming so your content can be of high quality. You can opt for cable internet speeds or WiFi, but choose an option that’s superior to cellular data. 

6. Choose A Streaming Video Platform

Choose a live streaming video platform that specializes specifically in streaming solutions instead of opting for a social media platform that will work best as a secondary service. To have complete rights to your content, you have to invest in video streaming platforms or sites that are professional grade. While platforms like YouTube, Twitch, Tiktok and Facebook Live may seem popular, free, consumer-grade, and easier to use, they do have limitations in this regard. 

From this point, you have to ensure that your online video player platform has the right security and privacy settings to protect your streams from outsiders. You can then move on to generate an embed code and get your website ready for its first live stream broadcast. Once that’s done, you’ll need to embed a live stream into your web page, and from this point, your focus should be on growing your content and accomplishing all your goals. 

So, that’s it, you are now able to create live streaming website from scratch without any technical help.

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