Here Are 30 Things That You Only Get To See In Canada....

Poor Canada tends to find itself as the butt of many a joke, almost exclusively from US Americans. The two countries share the same frontier history and complicated relationship with Europe, but have often diverged culturally.

Canada remained under direct British rule until 1867, and is still part of the Commonwealth today (keeping the Queen as its official head of state). It’s also generally accepted to have treated First Nation people much more fairly than in the US. Sitting Bull famously led the last free Lakota across the Canadian border in hope of better treatment.

To say that jokes about Canada are made out of envy is far too simplistic. Canada has blazed its own trail through history, and most US Americans respect it for that. After all, if the worst jokes you get are about all the snow, your friendliness, and the uniforms your police wear, you must be doing something right!

only in canada

only in canada

only in canada
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