DIY E-Liquid Calculator: All That You Need to Know

DIY E-Liquid Calculator: All That You Need to know. If you are a DIYer, you probably have tried numerous projects at home. Among the best things you can do is create your own e-juice at home by mixing various ingredients such as a base, nicotine salts, and flavors. But to do this, you need a calculator that will guide you on standard measurements. Apps and online platforms have got you covered.

According to experienced vapers, some perks come with the option of making your own e-juice. Among other things, it allows you to improve the experience as you wish by using more nicotine, trying different flavors, and having the throat hits of your choice.

What Is an E-Liquid Calculator?

DIYers are eager to find tools that will help them to succeed in their efforts. Vaping enthusiasts who would like to make their own e-juice can get an e-juice calculator from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. The selection is vast, and all you need to do is choose an app that looks and feels satisfying.E-Liquid CalculatorPin

On the other hand, you can use an online e-liquid calculator that is designed for DIY enthusiasts. Popular e-cigarette websites do offer calculators to their customers, but they are created for the accessories they sell.

Features of a DIY E-Juice Calculator

Now that you know where to get one, it is time to discover what the best ones look like. Essentially, you need to evaluate what features will help you to make the best e-juice using various ingredients.

  • Liquid measurements – Usually, e-juice is sold in milliliters (ml), and you will want to make yours using the same units. Hence, download apps or access an online calculator that is in ml units. This will help you to measure PG and VG, nicotine salt, water, and liquid flavors. If you will be making e-liquid from concentrates such as CBD, it will also come in handy.
  • Percentage relationships – E-liquids are made from ingredients that need to be in a certain ratio. This is why a calculator should give these ingredients in percentages. Usually, you can enter the percentage of each ingredient, and it will give you each in milliliters.
  • Various tips – If you are the experimental type, you might want an e-juice calculator with some extra tips. Online options are accompanied by detailed notes on how to use them and even examples of recipes that you can try at home.

Additional important information on calculators includes suggestions on whether or not it is possible to mix the cocktails, nicotine strength, and type of throat hit, depending on the number of ingredients used. If you are using a calculator from a reliable company, it should update its features regularly so that DIYers have a lot of options.


DIYers can easily make their own e-juice at home if they have the right ingredients and an e-juice calculator with the features that we have discussed above. After reading the tips, you now know what to look for. Research an e-juice calculator before trying it.

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