10 Traits Of An Awesome Girlfriend!

A lot goes into making a relationship healthy and strong. A lot of compromises, sacrifices and understanding on the part of both can make a relationship work. The major vices that spoil a good relationship are ego, anger, selfishness, pride, suspicion and inferiority/superiority complex.

On the other hand, traits like  patience, understanding, unconditional love, trust and support will help nurture and build a strong relationship. Any relationship is a two-way street and both individuals have to do their part to make the relationship work.

In this article, we’ll see all the traits that will make an awesome girlfriend. If you are a girl with these qualities, you should be proud of yourself. And if you have a girlfriend with all these qualities, you are one lucky guy.

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Traits Of An Awesome Girlfriend

1. The Supportive Girlfriend

Who would not appreciate a supportive girlfriend who stands by her man through thick and thin? Being supportive is one of the major traits of an awesome girlfriend.

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A man wants his girl to support him in whatever major decision he takes in his life, be it a job change, purchase of a new car, house etc. He wants his girlfriend to support him when he is going through a financial crunch. He definitely would feel loved and cared for in the company of a girl like this. It would make him more and more attracted towards his girlfriend and make his relationship with her stronger.

2. Sexually Compatible

Sex undeniably forms a a very important part of a serious relationship. Except for when you guys are not sexually involved with each other which is also perfectly fine. There is nothing wrong with waiting to take your relationship to the next level. If you guys are sexually involved with each other, you should know that  sexual compatibility is among the most important traits of a relationship that can make a relationship fulfilling and happy. There should be a strong attraction for each other and you guys should be able to communicate your whims and fancies to each other without any apprehensions.

3. The Confident Girlfriend

Men like confident girls, who are comfortable in whatever they wear or do. No guy wants to reassure his girlfriend about how beautiful she is constantly. He would rather appreciate a girl who is comfortable in her skin and would not need his approval in whatever she wears or does. Therefore, it can be said that confidence is one of the essential traits of an awesome girlfriend.

4. The Independent Girlfriend

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Men appreciate independent women, who can, not only take care of themselves but even the man of her life. Independence is the chief ingredient in a happy relationship. Nobody likes a clingy girlfriend, who can turn out to be a burden for him. Eventually, he would feel suffocated in a relationship like that. On the other hand, an independent woman would be like a whiff of fresh air to him.

5. Intelligent

An intelligent woman can always turn on a man and keep him on his toes. She can spice up a relationship and would never let her partner feel bored. Otherwise, after the initial attraction wears off, it gets annoying. It goes without saying that many men want women who can meet them at an intellectual level. Thus, intelligence can be considered to be one of the major traits of an awesome girlfriend.

6. Smart

Smartness is one of the essential traits of an awesome girlfriend. Men want their girlfriends to be on par with them. They appreciate tech-savvy, innovative and smart women.  Sharp-witted girls can hold the interest of men for a long time.

7. Respectful

All men would agree on this that respect is one of the major traits of an awesome girlfriend. A girl who respects you would turn a patient ear towards you and listen to whatever you have to say. She would keep the big issues private and will not take a dig at you in public. She would make an earnest effort to see everything by placing herself in your shoes. Now definitely that is the type of girl a man desires and craves for. Mutual respect should exist in a relationship to make it work successfully. It is tough to show your partner respect if you are feeling disrespected yourself.

8. Not Nagging

No man appreciates girls who nag all the time. The motto of a healthy relationship is “live and let live.” You would appreciate a girl who knows exactly when to be upset and when to “let it go”.

9. Appreciative

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It is arguably one of the vital traits of an awesome girlfriend. A great girlfriend would always appreciate and encourage her guy in whatever he is doing. She is never judgmental and interested in picking his flaws. Instead, she would focus on his strengths and try to bring the best out of him. All men secretly desire this. They want to be appreciated by their women.

That gives them the boost to perform better in all spheres, be it professionally or personally. Men want recognition of their efforts they put in to bring a smile on their girlfriend’s face. Men do not appreciate girlfriends who keep on pointing out their flaws.

10. Caring

Wouldn’t you appreciate a girl who cares for you for who you are? Caring is undeniably one of the best traits of an awesome girlfriend. She should be there for you whenever you need her to soothe you, comfort you and bring solace to your heart. These are signs of a great girlfriend.

Everyone has certain bad habits and if your girlfriend sees past that and accepts you for who you really are, then you are one lucky man. If your girlfriend seems to be detached and not that interested in what you have to say, then she certainly is not into you. A girlfriend who loves you unconditionally would care for your happiness. It is certainly a major trait for all men to look for.

Thus, these are just some of the traits of an awesome girlfriend that all men desire. If your girlfriend has even five to six of the traits mentioned above, you are indeed lucky to have her in your life. With more patience and understanding you would be able to strengthen your relationship with a girl like this. If she has all of the above qualities, never let her go. She my friend, is a rare gem.

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