Top 9 Common Diet Myths Debunked

Dieting is always a trend in fitness game, people diet to keep in shape and healthy. Eliminating unnecessary stuff’s in your food consumption is the core of proper diet program. But is it worth it as they says? Is diet just a trend word? Here are top 9 common diet myths debunked in this article.

Diet Myth 1: Starvation is a Key to Weight Loss

Almost all women seeking effective ways to lose extra pounds. Admittedly women not only fat, but rather thin desire to get rid of some calories. They give an opportunity to various types of diets and lose skin elasticity. Complete with bad teeth and hair loss and stomach problems. However, women do not stop experimenting with different diets until they get the desired weight. Dietitians can not provide great results for all women.

Some of them can lose weight with the recommended diets, while others may fail. Therefore, it is essential to create an individual diet, which will increase the loss of calories. Never stick to diets, which are considered a myth and cause damage to your body and health. These are common myths debunked diet.

Diet Myth 2: Eating Less is a Key to Weight Loss

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Reducing the number of food is one of the common diet myths to break. It will be the opposite result and will eat even more. Eating less affects the digestive organs and leads to bulimia. Dietitians prove that taking a break when eating and reaching small portions makes your body feel full. Therefore, you should never decrease the amount of food you eat every day. Instead, you should opt for a frequent food and enjoy it slowly. Let high-nutrition food for dinner, and refuse to eat at night, because you will lose weight. People who deal with the gastrointestinal tract disease should give a chance to this efficient method.

Diet Myth 3: Separation of Food is a Key to Weight Loss

It is a diet to separate protein-rich foods of high carbohydrate myth. It is a misconception that when carbohydrates and protein foods enter the stomach together, the processes are carried out unpleasant, such as fermentation, which undoubtedly affects digestion and lead to extra calories. However, this theory is proved to be a real myth and instead of skipping the combination of fat and carbohydrates, you should pay attention to the amount and will not cause any harm to your health.

Diet Myth 4: Protein Diet is a Key to Weight Loss

‘Kremlin’ and ‘Dukan Diet’ are some of the high-protein diets, which require a strict limitation of food, full of carbohydrates. The chances of losing extra pounds are at a high level. Although protein-rich foods are efficient for the body, overuse of them should never be, as excess protein is a great enemy, if you deal with liver and kidney problems. If you stick to the diet rich in protein, you will feel tired and headaches. In addition, much ketone part will occur if a diet rich in protein is maintained for a long time, which will lead to halitosis.

Diet Myth 5: Skipping Foods after Six is a Key to Weight Loss

It is believed that lets you enjoy all kinds of food in the morning and at night you should skip eating anything in order to lose weight. However, it should be noted that the consumption of light foods like fruits and salads for dinner is a must. You should only omit the application of sweets in the evening, but if you need something with a sweet taste, you may choose to eat honey or black chocolate.

Diet Myth 6: Mono diet is a Key to Weight Loss

There are many foods that come to create a mono-diet. Here we can mention the buckwheat or rice and chocolate or banana. You will immediately notice the weight loss. However, you should keep in mind that instead of wasting calories, dump the water or muscle tissue. The protein will disappear from your body, mind and nervous system will be exposed to suffer. Mono diets can lead to health problems such as diabetes or anemia. Dietitians enable you to switch mono diets with apple and kefir, every day changing its consistency. It should not stick to the same product for a long time, as they face a lack of vitamins and healthy minerals.

Diet Myth 7: Fat is Harmful for Your Body Weight

When craving for a thin body, the use of fatty foods is skipped. However, it is one of the common myths debunked diet. Experts recommend the application of fats in your daily diet recommended, as fats increase the absorption of vitamins. Fat deficiency can lead to dry skin and can cause early age, fiving rise to unpleasant wrinkles. Only you are advised to stay away from trans fats, which are high in margarine. Instead, you should opt for butter and olive oil.

Diet Myth 8: Replace Animal Foods with Plant Foods

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Everyone knows that fruits and vegetables are some of the low-calorie foods. Therefore, women who want to lose extra weight, bread and vegetables substitute for butter. It was shown that food and vegetables are rich in essential vitamins for our body. However, you should never stick to diets, including only fruits, as they face health problems. Therefore, there is a need to include dairy products in your diet.

Diet Myth 9: Eating is a Key to Weight Loss

It is a myth that eating can lead to weight loss. People think pineapple and grapefruit can help you lose weight, but it is noteworthy that there are foods that have those properties. Never opt for the pineapple cake to digest. After revealing these myths of the common diet for you, try to avoid them and lose pounds with other diets and effective exercises recommended by specialists.

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