How To Protect Yourself While Using PayTech?

Back in the time, the only way you could pay for something was with paper money. Fast forward a decade or two later, you’re able to use little plastic cards. Fast forward another decade or so, and you can pay through your phone.

This evolution of payment is thanks to PayTech, a technology dedicated to simplifying and improving payment methods through devices such as phones and computers.

And while this evolution grants us nothing but improvement, there are risks involved with PayTech that, quite frankly, have some of us concerned.

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5 Risks Of Loosing Your Data in Online

1. Having Your Data Stolen

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PayTech affords us convenience, but at what cost? The primary concern around the technology centers around the security of your data and what criminals may do with it.

2. Suffering From a Data Leak

But how would criminals get their hands on your data? One way would be from a data leak, a form of a data breach when companies don’t take precautions when handling customer information, causing a “leak” of information to enter the public eye.

3. Being at the Mercy of an App

PayTech tends to rely on certain apps or services to use. And while this isn’t a problem most of the time, it can be quite the pain if the app or service ever needs to go down for any reason.

4. Having Companies Collect Your Information

Companies collect information faster than they release updates for their apps, so t’s only right to be concerned about your data and information when using PayTech services.

5. Becoming a Victim of Fraud

Last but not least, we have the case of fraud and identity theft. If your personal information ever gets leaked or stolen through PayTech services, there’s a chance your data will be used to commit fraud, causing you a headache and potential financial and legal trouble.

5 Solutions to Protect Yourself

Now that we’ve discussed the various risks involved with PayTech, it’s time to talk about how you, the user, can protect yourself.

How To Protect Yourself While Using PayTech?

1. Use a VPN

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A virtual private network (VPN) actively encrypts your data, keeping it out of cybercriminals, companies, and ISPs. Secure your information with a VPN to ensure that no one, whether cybercriminal, ISP or company, gets your data.

2. Use a Mixture of Both PayTech and Cash/Cards

Some people rely on PayTech alone, meaning that if they were to ever encounter an app/service outage and where shopping, they’d be out of luck. To be prepared for the worst, use PayTech only as a supplement for your regular cards/cash.

3. Only Use One Card for PayTech

When using PayTech, it’s important to avoid stuffing the app or service with your entire wallet. By that, I mean adding every single one of your cards to the service. Instead, stick to only one (maybe two) cards on the app.

4. Keep Your Devices Secure

Maybe the most obvious of the solutions, it’s essential to make sure all of your devices are secure and inaccessible by anybody besides yourself. Lock screens, fingerprint scanners, keeping your screen faced away from other people: all of these are easy ways to keep your device secure.

5. Only Use Trusted Service Providers

Finally, I recommend sticking to trusted, first-party service providers and apps for anything regarding PayTech. If you use an iPhone, you only need to use Apple’s Apple Wallet, not a random app with no reviews. If you use those, you risk having your data stolen.


PayTech offers a way to streamline payments, and while I love the idea, it does have security risks—any newish technology does. However, I’m not going to tell you to stay away from PayTech. On the contrary. I just want to make sure you know of the risks and the ways you can shield yourself from said risks.

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