4 Ways How To Use Olive Oil for Flushing out Kidney Stones In 2021?

Often doctors suggest drinking water in plenty for flushing out kidney stones. This inspite of being an extremely useful remedy for kidney stones might result in pain in some. Olive oil helps in relieving this pain associated with flushing out of kidney stones. Below we have discussed the steps involved in using olive oil for kidney stone removal. If you want to read about castor oil for hair growth, click here.

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Olive Oil for Flushing out Kidney Stones

Step 1: 

While using olive oil for kidney stone removal you must incorporate certain changes into your dietary habit. Stop consuming anything solid afternoon and have liquids only up to 7 pm. For meeting the nutritional requirements of your body, you can have a meal replacement beverage in between 12 noon and 7 pm. You can also opt for having an early lunch and get the essential nutrients from your breakfast and lunch.

Step 2: 

Take 2 quarts of water and boil it. Remove the water from the heat and add 2oz each of extra-virgin olive oil and fresh lime juice into it. The mixing should be done in a pitcher. Once the mixing is done refrigerate the mixture.

Step 3:

From noon till 6 pm drink 2 tablespoons of olive oil once every hour. Besides that, keep on taking a sip of the refrigerated lime water at regular intervals.

Step 4: 

Another way of using olive oil for flushing out kidney stones is having 1 oz olive oil while lying on the right side and resting for 20 minutes; then repeating the same process while lying on the left side. This process should be done at 7 pm in the evening.

Step 5: 

While trying out these kidney stone remedies, you should stay on an empty stomach after 7 pm. You should get rid of the kidney stone on the very next day of following the above steps. Usually, the stone passes away through urine during the morning.

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