6 Reasons to Get Your Masters in Data Science

Are you going through the very challenging and often long process of trying to figure out the right higher education path for you? There is so much more involved than just picking the school that appeals to you most, and it comes down to the actual courses and degree that you plan on working towards.

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That decision will go on to determine your career path and lifestyle. Clearly, you want to pick a career that speaks to your interests and talents, but there is also the practical side of things where you want to be sure you’re choosing a path that has available jobs and shows signs of growth and potential.

If you’ve been eyeing a Masters in Data Science but aren’t sure it’s the right path to take, we’ve gone ahead and made a list that can shed light on your decision-making process. Here’s a look at the top six reasons that your Masters in Data Science could be well worth it.

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Get Your Masters in Data Science

1. Data Science is a Trending Field at the Moment

Let’s start with the fact that data sciences and big data in general is a very trending industry and topic right now. If you want to break into a field that is enjoying a period of growth, data science is just that. In fact, this field is showing so much promise that it’s not yet even known just how far this one can go, as it seems we are just scratching the very surface of data science at the moment.

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Just think about it, data is collected and analyzed in just about every industry and field out there today. That data is then used in all different ways and worked into different metrics in order to help business create future plans and courses of action. It also helps with studies and innovations, and truly shapes the direction of the world. One can only imagine just how far this field can truly go.

2. There Is a Wide Array of Careers It Can Prepare You For

For many people, choosing one career can be too overwhelming, and frankly, they can feel too boxed in. Maybe you like the idea of options not just when you graduate, but the option to switch careers mid-way through your working years and try something new. With a Masters in Data Science, you’ll find there is a wide array of careers that it can prepare you for, which means plenty of doors will be open to you.

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Some of the more popular careers that it can lead to include a data analyst, a business intelligence analyst, big data engineer, data architect, statistician, database administrator, or a machine learning engineer. Any one of these careers could appeal to you at a given point in your life, so the thought that you have that flexibility can be quite attractive.

3. Give Yourself the Competitive Advantage

While it would be great to find a job the moment you set out to look, the reality of life is that finding a good job, one that checks off all your boxes can be quite difficult and can take years to finally land. You may have to work a number of entry-level or not exactly ideal jobs first before you find that dream position.

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With that said, it’s always wise to look for ways to give yourself the competitive edge – something that sets you apart from other candidates in the resume and interview process. Having a master’s degree can certainly do that for you, as it instantly provides you with a sense of credibility, legitimacy, and a high-standard of knowledge and expertise. It also ensures you’re equipped to apply for those higher-level jobs that require a master’s degree.

4. Demand a Higher Salary

Another benefit of gaining that Masters in Data Science is that you’ll be able to demand a higher salary both when you start out in the field and for the rest of your working career. In reality, any master’s degree will provide you with this benefit, at is carries quite a bit of clout on the resume.

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The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics refers to it as a wage premium that is gained with a master’s degree. Now, just how high that premium is will depend on the industry and the position itself. In general, however, that wage premium can be quite high and will certainly make it well worth obtaining a masters.

5. You’ve Got the Option of Learning Online

Then there is the fact that attending school and obtaining your masters in data science has never been easier thanks to schools like Kettering University Online, which makes it possible for you to do your studies from home. It’s a more flexible, and frankly, a more student-friendly way to go about offering classes.

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In its program, the focus is on data management, statistical management, and computing technologies. This includes such practices as cloud computing, machine learning, visualization, and data mining. You’ll get that in-depth education you are after in a more flexible manner. You can complete the program in as little as 24 months, allowing you to get into the working world that much faster.

6. Data Science Is Set to Replace Other Jobs

Another exciting fact is that data science is poised to replace a number of more traditional jobs, often called “legacy roles”. According to a LinkedIn 2020 U.S. Job Trends report, data science is enjoying a real period of boom on a massive scale.

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Not only that, but the role of data scientist is morphing and is starting to look a lot like those jobs that were traditionally conducted by statisticians. It’s an intriguing notion that statisticians are on their way out and are instead being replaced by data scientists.

A Compelling Argument to Go Ahead and Get that Masters

These are just some of the top reasons to go ahead and get that masters in data science and truly solidify your place in the working world. Considering how in demand and trending this field is at the moment, and the fact that it shows so much promise for the future, it just seems like good sense to pursue the path.

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