How to Stop Menthol Addiction?

Menthol addiction is a unique and intriguing  addiction that makes a person crave for this substance unknowingly and unconsciously. Applying vaporizer is also a part of this  addiction. People usually put it on their nose and sniff it. Then they also apply it on the lips for the reaction of the vapor to take place.

Menthol addiction leads to people licking the vaporizer and consuming it. This is when the addiction and control has taken over your life. People usually start with inhalers, which gives them a rush of energy by snorting the menthol when they felt like. It starts with one in three weeks, and then twice in two weeks and then twice a week, then gradually increases to thrice a week. Slowly you become a menthol addict and the frequency increases. If you want to read about home remedies for asthma, click here.

What is Menthol?

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Menthol is an organic compound that is found occurring naturally in the mint plants. The uses of menthol are related to the manner in which the skins cold receptors are stimulated. When you have flu or a cold, then a menthol is what you reach out for. You get many cough drops, which give you an easier throat.

How to Stop Menthol Addiction?

Cough drops or menthol help to ease a dry throat. They are easy to carry and can be stored easily. When you use cough drops, make sure that you drink a lot of water. When you are sick with flu, then a cough drop or menthol can cure you. But make sure that when you have menthol you surely have a lot of water. There is lot of importance to have fluids when you have menthol, as it tends to get you dehydrated . Sucking a could drop takes away your attention from the fact that you should have water thus getting you dehydrated completely.

A cough drop helps you to relieve yourself of the discomfort and ease.

The menthol is a substance which gives you comfort. But menthol addiction is not the way to deal with it.

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