How To Make $100 Fast? – 15 Doable Ways!

Looking to earn some quick money? Here’s 15 ways to how to make $100 fast with our list of 15 doable ways.

You may think that earning cash is only limited to works in the office, allowances from your parents or professional jobs. But then again, if you think about it closely, earning money is not only limited to these things which usually takes time to earn. If you have the creative mind and have the initiative to do things that will help you earn money, definitely you can think of ways on how to make money fast.

Most often, we are too focused on how to get rich and we think of the long-term benefits and amount of earning. However, you may be surprise to know that some people are living life one day at a time or simply getting by every week with their needs. In most cases, these kind of people make money fast in a short period of time.

If you are one of those persons who wants to earn money in a short time or simply one of those people curious as to how these people earn a lot, this article might provide you with the knowledge and information that you need to know.

This list will focus on certain ways as to how real people make $100 fast… and in a legal way.

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How To Make $100 Fast?

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1. Sell Your Cloths Online / Garage Sale

Collect your old clothes and other things that you do not use anymore and hold a garage sale. In this way, not only can you clean the clutter in your house but you can also earn fast within just one day. Most of the times, you even be astonish that at the end of the day or the duration of your entire garage sale, you will earn more than your goal of $100.

2. Be a Dog walker

Most people are too busy to have time to walk their dogs in the park. If their dogs are those breeds that require for a routine or daily walk, they might resort to hiring a dog walker instead. Grab this opportunity and you will be surprise at how much money you can earn from this gig aside from the health benefit you can get from walking. This is one of the easy job in our how to make $100 fast in our list.

3. Do Performance / Vlog it

If you are one of those talented person that can show his/her talent in front of a certain crowd, go for it. Street performances such as performing music or street magic in a certain place where the general public can see you will earn you a lot especially if they find your performance exemplary.

4. Sell Re-usable Scrap Metals

Gather and sell scrap metals found in your house and neighborhood. Most often than not, these scrap metals are being neglected and considered as useless. However, there are people who buy scrap metals. Once you collect a great deal of scrap metals and the price is good, you might find that $100 in your hands at the end of the day.

5. Do Overtime

So okay, you hate work and always look up to the clock waiting for it to strike on your end of shift time. Yet if you want to earn an extra $100, you might consider doing some overtime work.

6. Sell Your Crafts Online

Make Do-It-Yourself items such as bracelets and personalized items, then sell them in your neighborhood or online. If you are that creative and artistic person, this might be the greatest way for you to earn an extra hundred bucks. If people like your stuffs, they might refer your products to their friends and families and you will be surprise with how many items you can sell in a day or a week. Most often, you might earn more than a $100 just by selling DIY items.

7. Sell Your Photos Online

If you are a person with talent on photography, make a living out of it. You can either apply as a photographer of an event or if you have great and unique photos already in hand, you may sell them on certain websites (like /

8. Write Blog and Sell Amazon Products

How To Make $100 FastPin

If you are part of the few people who are blessed with writing skills, you might consider writing for a blog or even consider making your own. Blog post articles usually range from $5 to $20 depending on your skill and way of writing. This will let you earn a hundred bucks in a few days time. Using Amazon affiliate program, you can earn more commission with your organic traffic.

9. Mow Lawns

There are a number of reasons why your neighbor might require someone to mow their lawn for them. Whatever their reasons are, you’d better grab this opportunity to earn. 2-3 mowing of lawns can give you a hundred dollars.

10. Design a Logo

Designing and development is a growing industry, with number of online business growing and they all need some help with their graphic designs. Contact few small business in your local or platforms like LinkedIn, offer them your services for good price, also ask them to refer someone who needs your service. It will help you build your portfolio and earn from side hustle.

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11. Clean Houses

If you have a spare time, offer your neighbors some cleaning services. Due to their busy schedules, they might take your offer with wide welcoming arms. Once you have established customers, they may be able to refer their friends to you as long as you do great services.

12. Sell Lemonade

Selling lemonade and other cool drinks. This works mostly during summer. But all people get thirsty no matter the time of day nor the season of the year, so this can basically earn you a great deal of amount.

13. Snow Shoveling Service

Now that the winter season is here, snow will definitely fall down and pile on our driveways and paths. Some people are just too lazy or too busy to do the shoveling themselves so they resort to hiring other people to do it for them. Talk with your neighbors and offer to shovel their houses for $5 to $10, this will give you a $100 in just a few hours time.

14. Earn from Babysitting

Being with babies can be tiring and irritating at times especially if they have tantrums and you don’t know what to do. However, baby-sitting jobs offer a good pay and you might be surprise that your customers will ask for your services again once you have earned their trust in taking care of their little ones.

15. Try Dropshipping


With all the e-commerce consumption is taking hike and their need is growing everyday. So if you know Dropshipping, you can make more than $100 per day without no expense or inventory. All you need is Shopify CMS , Good theme and Aliexpress products on your store. Little bit of understanding of what your customer wants and creating good content helps to drive more traffic, also use Facebook and Google ads to get more sales.

So, all these 15 ways to make $100 per day without any expense or investment is something to consider for quick money. All these jobs are legal and you can start anytime you want.

So, which one is your favorite and mention in comments if you have any suggestion for our readers.

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