How To Improve English Vocabulary In 7 Days?

You don’t know How To Improve English Vocabulary In 7 Days?  Stay connected and gain the hacks.

Now a day, English became more vital for the world class business, which will help you to grab hold of the clients all over the world. If you are planning to get a world class exposure, believe me you are desperately in need of great English.

If you want to be a good English speaker, it doesn’t mean you have to get into all the corners of the dictionary. While there are more than 200000 words in a common dictionary and people who are speaking good English only use 15- 20 thousand words anyway. If you are really desperate to improve your English vocabulary, then some essential words with little bit of effort as a daily practice will take you home.

Let me narrate some useful tips on the question you have on your mind. How to improve English Vocabulary? Get to know the things that made some great authors out there, whose mother tongues aren’t English in the first place. I will make it simple and fun to make you excited on every day practice.

Note this is a week practice which you have to pursue for at least 8-9 months to be what your desired. An English pro!

How To Improve English Vocabulary In 7 Days?

How To Improve English Vocabulary In 7 Days?Pin

Day 1

Do you read news papers, if you aren’t then start it today. Wait to get frustrated by this! Usually many won’t be comfortable with new papers now a day as they TV channels flash news everything. However, make it fascinating by picking some exiting topic on the papers. If you love sports then read the news on your favorite, this wont bore you I hope. Cut the topics you loved most and paste on a place where you would view often. And highlight the new words you came across and read it daily to get use to those words.

Day 2

Do you love stories? Crime, adventure, funny whatever you may like. Get some books and start reading. You practice for today would be pointing the new words and gathering information regarding those words. And note that in a piece of paper and stick it on the wall.

Day 3

This is my favorite part. Start watching some humorous or action blog English movies. As some new words and slangs could only be thought by others by speaking it. Follow their dialogues and note it (recommended). Then read those dialogues and pronounce it in their slang. Keep on doing it until you get it right. If you are finished with one movie then try some others. You could see the improvement in quick time.

Day 4

Often use internet to encounter many new words. The important part thing is that you have to note all the new words you get to know. Get the meaning and select the words that you could almost in every conversion you make with friends. And use them often. Mean while read some interesting articles that are posted on the internet of your choice. Surf in the interest sea to grab some gold fish (new words).

Day 5

A vocabulary card would be ideal. Note down all the new words you got till now with the meaning and synonyms of that particular word. Keep it in your pocket and go through those words whenever you have some time. And practice it with your friends to make it fun and exciting.

Day 6

If you got 10-20 new words this week, it’s enough for the week. In fact, remembering is more important than knowing. It’s time for you practice the new words to make it yours. Pronounce those words loudly and clearly in front of the mirror. It would be wise if you pronounce it by framing the sentence for each word. Then it will stay in your head for a long time and jump out your mouth often you speak in English.

Day 7

This process takes some time for you to complete it. You have to frame multiple sentences for each word and have to try it. If you have got 10 letters means then you have to frame all possible sentences in which you could use those new words. This will help you to apply these words on your conversation if you face a certain circumstance.

Repeat these steps again and again to get use to more words in quick time.