How Much Nicotine Is In Vape E-Juice?

Before buying a Vape you must know Nicotine Is In Vape E-Juice. Since the inception of vaping, it has taken the world by a storm, and more people are switching from smoking to using e-cigarettes. Vaping is said to be far safer than smoking because there is no tobacco combustion, which results in many toxins like carbon monoxide.

It has been in use as one of the smoking cessation methods with better success than others. Perhaps this is because it offers the nicotine supply, but more safely, and the ex-smokers can reduce their nicotine intake until they can do away with it completely.

What quantity of nicotine is in e-juice?

Many vaping newbies and ex-smokers who switch to vaping want to know how much nicotine is in e-juice. Ex-smokers also wish to find out if the nicotine levels are adequate enough to replace smoking. The answers to the first question are not definite, but it is typically positive for the second one.

How Much Nicotine Is In Vape E-JuicePin

The quantity of nicotine in e-juice varies from one to another, and the user has to select the strength that suits them. The nicotine strength is normally quantified in milligrams per milliliter (mg/ml). However, the “per ml” (/ml) part is not usually included in informal writings, many labels, and conversations.

There is also the issue of calculating how much a given volume of e-liquid and a given nicotine percentage are equivalent to a conventional cigarette. This is a somewhat tricky thing to figure out. However, a normal hit off of a cigarette will be almost equal to a hit from a 16 mg/ml bottle of ejuice.

It is worth noting that this will differ significantly depending on the mod or vape pen one is using. To find the right nicotine levels for you, you need to use the trial and error method, and only move higher or lower by one level of nicotine concentration.

Why is it important to find the right nicotine level?

How Much Nicotine Is In Vape E-JuicePin

As earlier mentioned, nicotine levels in vaping e-juice vary among manufacturers, and even for a manufacturer, there may be e-juices of different nicotine content to accommodate various users. In fact, there are nicotine-free e-juices for those who are not into nicotine. When you need to buy vape juice with nicotine, it would help to buy from reliable vendors to ensure you get the right strength as indicated on the product label.

So, why is it important to find the right nicotine level when vaping, whether as a vaper who has never smoked or an ex-smoker switching to vaping? Well, there are two main reasons why you need to identify your sweet spot.

Firstly, as an ex-smoker trying to substitute smoking with vaping, using vapes with low nicotine levels will lead to continued cravings, and you may go back to smoking. Nicotine cravings are the biggest contributors to relapsing to smoking.

The second reason is that vaping e-cigs with extremely high nicotine levels can cause sickness and mess up the vaping experience. This could make an ex-smokers return to their old habit.

Given that nicotine is highly alkaline, using high nicotine concentration e-juices could cause very harsh throat hits, resulting in coughing and an unpleasant vaping experience.


The question of how to pick your right nic-level is one that has no clear-cut answer as it varies from one individual to another, and other factors like the frequency of vaping, the depth of inhalation, and size of the vaping device. For ex-smokers, it also depends on whether the ex-smoker was a heavy, moderate, or light smoker.

These different smokers will pick vape juices with different nicotine strengths to match their nicotine requirement from the cigarettes.

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