10 Best Home Remedies for Abdominal Pain Relief

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Abdominal pain is the ache that is found between the chest and the groin. There are various causes of the condition. There are organs that are in the abdomen; when they have a problem, the abdomen aches. It is hard to differentiate which organs in the abdomen are aching unless you consult a physician. There are several reasons why the abdomen aches. The best way to know whether to use the home remedies for the pain should be the nature of the pain as well as the symptoms. Several organs dysfunction may cause other symptoms and signs in the body apart from the usual pain.

The major causes of the abdomen pain include bloating and indigestion. This is caused by inflammation of gases in the abdomen as a result of a particular food being digested. The pain may also be caused by the ailment of the internal organs such as lungs, kidneys, ovaries, liver, intestines and pancreas to name a few. The most common cause of the abdominal pain is ingestion. The amount of enzymes released by the pancreas may cause the stomach pain. The excess enzymes or acid may burn the wall of the abdomen or the intestines. However if the abdominal pain is severe, it is advisable to seek the services of medical personnel instead of relying on the home and natural Home Remedies for Abdominal Pain Relief

Home Remedies for Abdominal Pain Relief

1.Chamomile as a home remedy for abdominal pain

Chamomile is a plant that has the property of quelling and sedating the inflamed gases and aches in the stomach. It is also known to control diarrhea, especially in children. Chamomile normally taken when someone has an upset stomach as a result of bloating brought by eating certain food. It is known to contain some oil which absorbs the inflamed gas in the stomach. The plant also has the property that enhances the relaxation of the muscles, hence reducing the sharp pangs.

The plant is boiled and the concoction extracted from it drunk as tea. It can be mixed with honey or any other flavors to deter the bitterness of the liquid. 

2. Fennel as a natural remedy for abdominal pain

 This herb is used to treat many ailments apart from the abdomen pain. It has been in use for a very long period, especially by the Chinese. It is known to have fibers, vitamins, potassium and folic acid which indeed help in digestion. The plant is also known to contain the upset stomach as a result of bloating. The plant is also used to relieve flatulence through the rectum. The most effective part of the fennel plant is the seed. It is one of the most helpful home remedies for the pain. 

The fennel can be used in either tea or in food. One to two grams of fennel is enough and should be taken at least twice or thrice a day. It can also be taken after every meal as a chewing gum. This usually helps in faster digestion of the food. 

3. Ginger as a home remedy for abdominal pain

 The most effective parts of the ginger plant are the stem and the roots. The ginger is known to contain anti acid laxative properties. The plant also contains some oils that are very helpful in reducing the upset stomach as well as the inflammation. The plant is known to contain some property that is very helpful to pregnant women as it reduces the nausea. The pungent phenol found in the ginger roots also helps to ease the digestion by absorbing the gas derived in the digestion process. 

The root or stem should be washed thoroughly and peeled off before boiling. The stem or the root of the plant is boiled for 15 – 20 minutes to derive the enzymes. The concoction can be added to 2 teaspoonful of honey to reduce the bitterness. The recommended intake of the concoction is at least a glass after every meal until the abdominal pain is over. Ginger has been regarded as one the best natural remedies for abdominal pain and should be added in meals as diet for the abdominal pain. 

4. Mint as a natural remedy for abdominal pain

This herb has been one of the astonishing home remedies for abdominal pains. It is known to contain properties that help in the digestion. It can be used in a number of stomach related pains. Among the pains are included the stomach aches, indigestion, vomiting and menstrual cramps among other stomach related ailments. The herb helps to the soothe the stomach from any inflammation that may arise after the digestion. This herb is also very useful for small children as it helps in colic condition.

The plant can be taken in raw form by chewing after each meal. The plant can also be boiled and the concoction extracted from it used together with tea or any other liquid. It should not be used with milk as it has been known that milk can make it less effective. The concoction should not be drunk at once but sipping for few hours is recommended. 

5. Lemon as a natural remedy for abdominal pain

The lemon juice is known to contain acid that is very helpful in digestion. The acid is known to help in breaking down the food that has already been taken. 

The lemon juice is extracted from the fruit. It is very effective if used with warm water. The juice should be taken a few minutes after taking the meal. Flavors and honey may be added to reduce the bitterness but one should add the flavors that do not reduce the acidity effect of the juice. Lemon juice is among the widely used and available natural remedies for abdominal pain.

 Yogurt is well known to contain some healthy bacteria that are very helpful in the body. The bacteria help in breaking down the diet into small quantities that can be absorbed in the body. When the acid stays for a long time in the stomach while digesting the food, it causes some harm to the abdominal wall resulting in abdominal pain. The bacteria also help to soothe the abdominal pain. It also helps to increase the rate at which the food is digested in the body. Yogurt is also known to catalyse the acid influx in the stomach and can be taken as diet for the condition.

Yogurt can be taken a few minutes after eating a meal. It is advisable to take yogurt only after eating a meal that is known to take a while to digest; hence it is suitable for heavy diets. Half a glass of natural yogurt is recommended to contain the abdominal pain. Yogurt can also be taken with fenugreek for a maximum and quicker performance. 

6. Charred black toasted bread as a natural remedy for abdominal pain

Properties: Overcooked bread is known to be very helpful as it helps to absorb the pain causing substances, especially the gas emitted during digestion. This is among the oldest natural remedies for abdominal pain that were initiated by the Chinese. The overcooked bread acts as charcoal. The overcooked bread is also known to absorb the abdominal gas emitted as a result of digestion. The charred bread also helps to absorb the acid used to digest the food in the stomach. Although this method looks odd, it has grown in popularity.

The charred black toasted bread should be taken together with honey. The reason behind this is that overcooked bread may be tasteless and bitter. It can be taken immediately after the pain is felt in the stomach as it may take some time to be digested.

7. Cabbage as a natural remedy for abdominal pain

Properties: Cabbage is known to contain some enzymes that dilute the amount of acidity in the abdomen for the digestion. It is one of the commonly used home remedies for abdominal pain. The cabbage can be taken in either raw form or boiled in water. It is also known to cure stomach ulcer which is also a contributor to the abdominal pain. The ancient Greek used cabbage as a home remedy for abdominal pain.

Cabbage can be boiled with water or taken as raw. The boiled concoction can be taken in doses of 500 ml at least twice a day. The solution is very strong and it is recommended to add carrot juice to dilute it or make it milder. Black pepper can also be used to make it more effective. Cabbage can be included in meals as diet for the abdominal pain. 

8. Licorice as home remedy for abdominal pain

Properties: Licorice has been known as the cure for abdominal pain for a long time among other pains. It is known to contain some properties that help to reduce the amount of acid in the abdomen as well as in the intestines and it has mucous that dilutes the abdominal acid. It is also known to absorb the inflammatory gas produced in the stomach as a result of digestion which is well known to cause the abdominal pains. 

The plant should be boiled for about 15 minutes so as to extract all the required enzymes in the solution. Other items like honey may be added to increase its performance as well as enhance its taste. The solution should be taken in bits of 250 ml after every meal. It can also be taken at least twice a day regardless of the meals. This only applies to people with frequent abdominal pains caused as result of too much acidity in the abdomen.

9. Banana and Milk as a natural remedy for abdominal pain

Properties: The mixture of banana and milk is well known to reduce the amount of gastric juices that cause the abdominal pain during and after digestion. The enzyme of the mixture has an alkaline property which neutralizes the acid in the stomach. Although each of them can be used separately, they are known to work very well when used as a mixture. They are mostly used to contain ulcers among other abdomen related pains. It is one of the simplest forms of diet for the pain. 

One can choose any ratio to use the mixture but the best mixture is 2 bananas and one glass of milk. The banana should be ripe so as to make ease of smashing. Then add smashed bananas to the milk and mix them well. One can add at least 2 tea spoonfuls of sugar to make it sweeter. It is recommended to take at least twice or thrice a day.

10. Honey as a home remedy for abdominal pain

Properties: Natural honey is among the easiest natural remedies for abdominal pain. Natural honey is believed to contain some properties which are very helpful in curbing the abdomen inflammation. It is also known to reduce the amount of acid in the stomach which is a key factor in the abdominal pain. Honey is also known to ease the digestion in the stomach.

Pure honey that has not undergone any further processing is the best. One can decide to use it alone or in a solution of hot water. Taking at least 3 teaspoonfuls honey is well recommended for treatment. One should be aware that excess consumption of raw honey can increase the pain as it contains a lot of enzymes and may cause some burning effect on the lining of the stomach.

Other Home remedies for abdominal pain

Spinach and carrot juice is another useful natural remedy for stomach pain. The enzymes of the juice extracted from the plants have properties that control the amount of acid in the stomach. The ratio of this concoction is 300 ml to 300 ml. The blend can be taken on a daily basis. Cucumber can also be added to the solution to make it more effectual.

Aniseed is also another natural remedy that is very useful as a cure for the abdominal pain caused by the gas emitted during digestion. The seeds help to absorb the gas in the abdomen. The seed is boiled with water until the boiling point is reached. The blend is then tightly covered overnight. The concoction can be mixed with honey to reduce the bitterness. The blend can be taken daily.

Chewing gum has also been considered to be one of the easiest home remedies for the abdominal pain caused by the excess acidity in the abdomen. Chewing gum stimulates production of saliva which helps to wash up the acid in the abdomen. The best chewing gum to use is the sugar free one.

Diet for abdominal pain

As earlier indicated, one can actually know which food to eat and not to eat. The best way to control the abdominal pain is to eat a well balanced diet.

diet that contains fibers is also important as its helps in the digestion of the food. Fruits are also important to cure abdominal pain. An example of this is the apple as it is known to contain some substance that can destroy harmful bacteria in the intestines.

But caution should be taken not to eat excess as it can lead to accumulation of gases in the abdomen. One should also eat the food bit by bit to ease the digestion. It is also essential to drink water after every meal as it eases the digestion of the food.