Flower Therapy : How It Will Be Beneficial For Health? In 2021

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Brain is an integral part of the body that controls function of all systems in the body. Our brain needs sufficient amount of oxygen, nutrients, and blood to function properly. Brain cells require adequate amounts of nutrients for transferring messages to other parts of the body. According to left brain-right brain concept, both sides of our brain control different aspects of your personality. Left side of the brain deals with logical and analytical aspect, whereas right side controls emotional and creative features of the body.

Some people are left brained, while some are right brained. But, then you need to balance both sides of the brain. You just cannot be logical, curb your emotional aspect, and vice versa. Thus, you need to balance both sides of brain. Our brain contains certain hormones that manage left brain-right brain. Hence, you need to balance these hormones. Numerous methods have been found out to balance your left brain right brain. Even many forms of meditation have been introduced to balance the functions of your brain. But, one of the simplest and beautiful therapies is flower therapy.

People who love flowers can use this therapy to balance both sides of the brain. It is believed that smell and color of different flowers have the potential to balance the hormones in your body. Thus, flowers are beneficial in controlling the functions of your brain. Flowers have long lasting impact on mood and thus create happiness around you. Researchers have found them beneficial in generating blissful atmosphere for people suffering from depression, anxiety, and excessive stress. Numerous flowers help different parts of the brain. Here we take a look at the flower therapy.

Flower Therapy: Health Benefits

1. Sunflowers:

Sunflower for Flower TherapyPin

The yellow colored sunflowers are ideal for your brain. The bright yellow color excites clear thinking promoting alert and decisive features. Sunflowers generate positive atmosphere creating energetic moods. Use sunflower on your office desk to improve your alertness power. The seeds of sunflower contain Vitamin B that improves the brain functions.

2. Green Zinnias:

Green ZinniasPin

Green color is admired and widely known for its prosperity and calmness. While travelling, just a glance on green vegetation near crossways calms your stress. Thus, beautifully wrapped in green color- Green zinnias are highly beneficial in soothing the nervous system. Excessive work pressure exhausts your nervous system. They are believed to reduce stress levels. This flower is admired as it calms rapid heartbeats. Thus, you may place them in a vase and enjoy the serenity during work hours.

3. Bluebells:

Bluebells For Flower TherapyPin

One of the richest colors, blue- calms your tired body. Bluebells trigger the generation of melatonin – a sleep hormone, which induces sound sleep. This hormone in the brain provides you with long sound sleep. Bluebells are widely used in flower therapy. They can be placed in bedrooms to elicit sound sleep. They also regulate your metabolism rate.

4. Irises:

Iris FlowerPin

Irises – a Greek word means rainbow, is beautifully colored in indigo with showy petals. This flower manages pineal gland – emotions associated with our confidence and self esteem. They are also known to arouse sound sleep. These flowers gracefully excludes away our worries, fear, and stress.

5. Lilacs:

Lilac Flower Flower TherapyPin

These flowers are dipped in cool violet color that relieves your tension. Thus, they can be called as stress busters. According to color therapy, violet color slows down your appetite, thus controls metabolic rate. The cool lilacs also alleviate sizzling sunburns and heat rashes.

Give your loved ones any of these flowers to balance their left brain right brain. These flowers also reduce stress, thus gift them these best stress busters.

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