5 Crucial First Date Tips For Her

Despite the opportunities that a first date presents, it might spell doom for the future engagement to some people. How does such a thing happen? Well, some ladies spoil their own party, knowingly or unknowingly. However, if you are serious with him, it can’t be fathomed why on earth you would hatch a plan to kill it.

That is why, probably, the causes of awful dates are usually unknown to the victim – you set out too early without important tips. The one that springs to mind first is, without doubt, to look your best, which can be done if you invest a little money in JCPenney on your new glamorous outfit.

There are still many more issues that need to be covered, though. That’s why we have decided to put together some pointers that guys are sure to love when on a date. Are you ready? Let’s go!

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First Date Tips For Her

1. Resoluteness

Remember the date is meant to be a precursor to a lifetime engagement. With this in mind, never miss the opportunity to show your stand and qualified views. This is very important especially when the guy wants to ‘know you all through’. No sitting on the fence here! Stand head up right at the middle of that road.

If you are not sure about something, excuse yourself honorably from giving uninformed opinions. It’s true some topics can be a bit tricky, although that’s doesn’t mean they should be avoided. Focus on listening and follow your partner skillfully in the conversation.

2. Retire From Your Phone

It’s a fact we have taken our lives to the Internet lately, and smartphones have undoubtedly played a key role in the shift. Thus, we have become entirely integrated with our phones. So, retiring from the gadget at least for the sake of the moment can’t be overemphasized. Definitely, you want to show him that he is your world.

Therefore, let instagram, whatsapp and other online interactions take a back seat. The foremost measure of the value you attach to him is the time and attention you give him. Right?

3. Wait for Him to Get Back

I know you can be impatient sometimes. If he enjoyed your company and everything is alright, believe it, he will definitely call back. So, don’t start pestering him minutes after. Some guys want to take their time and recount the whole experience.

Unfortunately, if the gentleman didn’t like you, there is little you can do to turn things around. However, show your kindness if he has taken too long, maybe a day. It will be quite respectful to check on him. Perhaps, you can inquire whether he reached home safely or just show your appreciation.

4. Don’t ‘Yield’

We are giving this tip hoping that you are serious with the date and you want him for life. As you might suspect, having sex on the first date is not only ill-timed but also a pointer to your character, and his as well. It can be said that men fall easily for the act when they are presented with the opportunity.

So, no matter how much you are attracted to him, don’t allow the situation to turn into a game of two equal halves. If he cares about you, he will wait.

5. Handle the Bill Carefully

Taking care of the bill isn’t an easy issue but ladies, if he planned it all, believe us, he should have also put aside money for it. Therefore, do not belittle him. Deflating a man’s ego is terrible. Perhaps, you can reach out for your pulse when the bill comes but wait for him to say no. If he requests you to help somehow, grab the opportunity but don’t talk it all the way to your house.

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