5 Different Types Of Nurse Are In High Demand Now and Future!

Once you decide to be a nurse, you might think that’s it – you’ve made your choice, and you can start your studies. However, although this is a good start, nursing is a huge area with dozens of different specialties within it. But what are the Different Types Of Nurse jobs in the world? , Before you start down one particular path, you should make sure there isn’t another type of nursing that appeals to you more.

Picking a nursing specialty that you’re interested in and in high demand is the safest option if you want to have your choice of hospitals and departments. Here are some of those specialties for you to consider.

Types Of Nurse Are In Demand

1. Registered Nurse (RN)

The RN, or registered nurse, is the type of nurse you are most likely to think of when you consider what a nurse does and how they work. These are the generalist nurses who assist in a variety of different areas and do many different tasks. They have a broad knowledge but don’t specialize in anything, in particular, allowing them to move from department to department, helping anyone who needs them.

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Unless you have a specialism in mind, becoming an RN is a great start. You might find you love this particular style of nursing, in which case, once you’re qualified, you can remain in the position. Otherwise, if you do find you want to work in something more specific, you can use your RN qualification as a springboard to something else. This is one of those Different Types Of Nurse jobs that growing fast.

2. Intensive Care Unit Nurse

Intensive care unit nurses are RNs who work within the ICU of a hospital. This area is where the very sickest of patients are treated, and being a nurse in this area involves knowing a lot about complex medication. As well as this, any nurse who works in the ICU must be able to administer immediate life-saving measures where needed. This is not an area that a shy nurse or one who prefers to follow orders rather than act on their own initiative is going to thrive, and it takes a particular personality to be able to work here successfully.

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Apart from the knowledge and quick thinking that’s needed here, as an ICU nurse, you must also be robust with your emotions and be able to manage them well. You will see patients die no matter how hard you work to save them, and the emotional issues left after this occurs regularly could be vast. This is an area of nursing that is right at the front of healthcare, saving – as far as possible – those who are most likely to pass away, but that means you can experience a great deal of trauma on a daily basis, so you need to be able to cope with this.

3. Nurse Practitioner

A nurse practitioner is someone who works under the supervision of a doctor or physician. However, the role is changing slightly, and NPs are becoming more autonomous. This is just one of the nurse practitioner advantages, but there are many more.

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A nurse practitioner, when able to do their job in the right way, will be given the chance to diagnose patients, prescribe medication, and even set up and begin treatment plans. This role is akin to being a physician, with the NP carrying out many of the roles a doctor would normally undertake. Because of this, it is an extremely responsible area of nursing to take on, more so than many others, due to the level of autonomy each nurse practitioner is asked to take on. This is one of the Different Types Of Nurse jobs that is growing demand.

It is the ideal median between being a nurse and a doctor, and for those who are seeking a more responsible role but who don’t want to study for the years it would take to become a physician, this is the ideal alternative.

4. Emergency Room Nurse

If you know anything about hospitals, you’ll know the emergency room, or ER is where those patients who need immediate, urgent care are brought. These are people who have been involved in accidents and have sustained injuries or who have suffered serious physical ailments such as a heart attack or organ failure.

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The role of the ER is not to treat the patient in the long term, but instead to diagnose the issue and fix what it is possible to fix (through procedures and medication) before the patient is transferred to another area of the hospital for their treatment to be completed. This might be an OR or the ICU, for example.

The role of the emergency room nurse in a hugely important one, as these nurses will have to be able to understand many different medical scenarios and they will never know what is about to come through the doors of the ER – it could be anything at all, and they must always be prepared to act. For those who enjoy working in a fast-paced environment and working in a tight-knit team, being an ER nurse is an enjoyable, exciting position.

5. Operating Room Nurse

Operating room (OR) nurses as also referred to as scrub nurses or perioperative nurses, and they are there to care for patients who are going into surgery. The nurse will be the main point of contact between the patient and the rest of the surgical team, and any questions or worries will be down to the nurse to answer in most cases, although for the technical aspects of the procedure itself, it will be the surgeon who gives the patient information.

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The nurse, in this case, is a liaison not just between the patient and the surgeon but also between the entire operating team and the patient’s family. They will need to be able to explain what is happening in layman’s terms, easing the worry where possible.

An OR nurse will also assist during the procedure. They will need to know about medical instruments and how to read digital displays regarding the patient’s vital signs in order to be a valued member of the team.

To be an OR nurse, you will need to be an empathetic person who is good with people, but you will also need to have an analytical, focused mind when in surgery. If you can do both of these things, the position of OR nurse would be ideal for you.

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