Ultimate Guide How To: Dating Tips During COVID-19

As if dating wasn’t hard enough, now you want to try and meet that special someone during a pandemic. How can you scope out a possible love interest at a casual meet-up for coffee when you can’t actually meet? Well, buckle up and prepare to get creative.

If you find someone you love in your life, then hang on to that love.

Princess Diana

Believe it or not, there are some benefits to long-distance love matches, such as taking your time getting to know each other and going for the slow burn.

Here are some tips to get you started.

Dating Tips During COVID-19

Dating Tips During COVID-19Pin

Here’s a bonus: now that we can’t meet face to face, any stigma out there against online dating sites has imploded. Take advantage of these services that not only give you access to a large dating pool but also weed out the individuals that have nothing in common with you.

Be yourself and let your profile reflect the best aspects of your personality. Take some selfies while wearing clothes that are flirty and fun. The Basics collection from Poppy and Dot is perfect for this: stylish without being too stiff and serious.

Make sure your background also reflects who you are. No huge messes in your profile pics or on Zoom, please. And if your home needs a touch-up, a few signature pieces used in some minor redecoration can make a big difference.

In your communications, use the pandemic itself to break the ice. You can joke about your adventurous new life. Plan to meet for coffee/tea/hot chocolate and use Zoom or Google Meet.

Be honest, have fun, and don’t take the online dating process too seriously. If you don’t click with someone, you can move on without wasting a lot of time. No pressure.

Making Dates Online

What would you normally do if you were dating someone in a non-COVID environment? Try to get creative and do some of these activities from afar. Just video chatting will get boring, after a while.

  • Read a book. Pick a book and meet up online to talk about it when you’re done.
  • Go on a picnic. Send some takeout to your crush and order the same for yourself. Sit and talk while you eat together.
  • Share your favorite music. Make it a game. Send two songs you love and one you hate. Let them guess which is which.
  • Take an online class. For instance, learn how to make sushi together and challenge each other to a sushi make-off. Or whatever cuisine interests you.

Relax and have fun!

Meeting in Person

Now, this depends on where you live and what COVID conditions are like. Keep informed on how the coronavirus is doing where you are. This one may have to wait a while, depending on your situation. You also should wait until you’ve connected with someone in a meaningful way before you meet, not just someone you’ve texted a couple of times.

When you do meet, going for a walk in a more secluded area and keeping some distance is better than going out to eat in a restaurant. Also, make sure you’ve each been tested and don’t have a fever before you meet.

I know.  So romantic, right?

But if you want to date during the pandemic, it’s vital to keep safe. But it’s also important to keep a sense of humor through the whole process. If things work out, think about the stories you’ll get to tell your grandchildren.

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