Cat In a Box: Here’s a Cat Experiment That Will Make You Go Awww! 2021

Cat In a Box: When we see kittens, there’s something everyone can relate to.

Do you remember that sense of adventure as a child? Do you remember being determined to climb a tree to the background noise of your distraught parents? Do you remember finding the most ridiculous ‘hiding places’ and feeling safe? Do you remember the sheer excitement of discovery?

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I think that’s something we can all say we experienced whether we knew it at the time or not. So it isn’t surprising to see these bundles of joy experiencing all of those things simultaneously whilst making us want to impulse buy kittens in the process.

Amazing Tour



Spoiled for choice…which one do I pick?!!


It’s never-ending…


No one has to share!


Could even be turned into a fun game


To watch this “a-maze-ing” project, check out the video below.