5 Best App Ideas to Keep Your Business Afloat in this Uncertain Situation

The new normal! This year sure has brought may surprise to us; in fact, what was normal before is currently the desire of many. This situation led us to an inevitable outcome that has directly impacted the businesses, economy, and our day to day life. Some industries are affected very severely and have seen a considerable slump like aviation, hospitality, and others. 

And while we are stuck in our homes, our only window to the outside world is an internet connection and our mobile devices. This particular situation is affecting and bringing a change in the way a consumer consumes and starting from buying medicines, food, or any other necessary item. 

In this pandemic, those companies having application as their basis are thriving only because of convenience.

Best App Ideas

1. Online Grocery Delivery App

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People who had never ordered anything online before even are placing grocery delivery orders right now, the reason being countrywide lockdown. This is the right opportunity! There is a sudden surge in online grocery delivery apps all over the globe. Why not grab the chance!

 Now the question arises that there are already existing players in this field; yes, there are, but the essence is that the market is going to expand 100 times. That means there is room for more players now online shopping is something to which one can get habituated after getting a taste of it. And why not, after all, it is convenient and easy, so this business is going to remain competitive even after lockdown ends.

2. Online Education Apps

Now there is no doubt that this lockdown has provided schools and universities with new ways to connect with their students and help them learn better online. This is going to transform the educational sector, even post lockdown, or this may become the new norm. There is a vast scope in this sector. 

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In this particular field, there are a lot many options like creating an application that can provide students with quality content and make it convenient for them to access the right material or avail a platform at which teachers across the country can connect to the student.

Also, to ensure the undisturbed and secure connection the teacher and students can use Router Login. Moreover, you can develop the app for a specific grade or course as well. Or combine all this in one place! It will change classroom structure in the upcoming period

3. Online Fitness Apps

Fitness apps are in a booming phase right now. The reason being new users are signing up and increasing in downloads. These apps have already had their existing users, but now because of the COVID-19 virus, the consumer demand for both their physical and mental health has reached a new height and will continue rising post-pandemic.

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According to stats people are now more concerned about their health and fitness this rising interested among citizens provides an excellent opportunity for companies in fitness sector many of these apps have seen a 100% increases in a year to year growth

4. On Doctor Demand Apps

Teleconsultation! These apps connect doctors and patients through video consultations. Existing apps in this sector have seen a 50 to 60% increase in their revenue. It can be seen as an early mover advantage for business as this trend has started to rise and currently has minimum no. Of players but has massive potential for the future.

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Making a chain of certified doctors and helping patients connect them for personalized consultations is the essence of such apps. The key is providing a platform for both parties to communicate.

Even you can start from a small area or in a specialty, and then you can eventually scale. Looking at the current situation of pandemic and the rise in health concern, it’s the right time to grab the chance.

5. Food Delivery Apps

Food delivery apps in many countries are witnessing a very high demand right now, whether it’s a pizza chain or restraint facility and others. Many of the companies involved are actually on speed hiring to meet the needs of the consumers.

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It’s not wrong to state that most of the people are habituated to eating outside right now, and because of the lockdown, people are not able to do so, and that’s the reason they are relying on these delivery apps.

 When I think about the long term, these apps are still going to remain competitive in the future, as well. I already stated that people get habituated to the online world when they get a taste of it. That means if you invest in this business right now, you can remain profitable in the future. It’s not a moment thing. But the key is should localization cater to the needs of people.

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