Most Interesting Articles to Read During the Lockdown!

Covid19 pandemic forced the world governments to take unprecedented measures to curb the spread of the deadly virus. More and more states imposed strict lockdowns targeting swaths of their population. Although many people are complaining about the curtailment of freedom of movement, the lockdown has its unique advantages.

You now have more time and a perfect environment for reading and reflection. There are several impressive, thought-provoking articles that can keep you entertained, informed, and engaged throughout this challenging time. These articles are also available online and accessing them is just a click away. We picked just a few to help you get started. Read on:

Article 1:

Respect @Work: National Inquiry into Sexual Harassment in Australian Workplaces

The article initially appeared in the Australian human rights websites on March 6th, 2020. It delves into the controversial yet prevalent topic of work-related sexual harassment. Although it is written within the Australian workplace context, you can quickly identify with its contents since workplace sexual harassment is widespread across the globe.

The report seeks to highlight the suffering that victims of sexual harassment endure financially, socially, emotionally, physically, and psychologically. It also attempts to explain why female gender is more prevalent in this kind of problem than men.

Furthermore, it depicts the consequences that this behavior has on the overall economy. Sexual harassment results in loss of productivity, high staff turnover, and high-cost litigation. It also ruins careers and families. The article tells of a real problem in such a clear perspective that your conscience will be pricked at the end of your read.

Article2: Read During the Lockdown

Reimagining Job Sharing

The article was published on March 5th, 2020, under three authors; Rosalind Dixon, Jessie Zhang, and Rose Vassel. It revolves around gender equality in workplaces and proposes a novel model for job sharing that ensures all genders are well represented, especially in the top echelons of the organizations.

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The report paints a gloomy picture of a workplace where the male gender is working extra time to suppress the careers of fast-rising women. It proposes a model where leadership potentials in both genders are unlocked by allowing a more flexible division of responsibility and working hours between workers no matter their gender, or race, or seniority levels.

It also identifies three distinct models of flexibility, namely; intergenerational sharing, flexible time-based sharing, and vertical sharing. The intergenerational sharing model proposes a partnership between senior and mid-career professionals that enables the junior partners to gain relevant skills and experiences.

The flexible time-based sharing model seeks to allocate working hours based on the circumstances of each employee. In contrast, the vertical sharing model involves decision-making that is vested across senior and junior workers levels.

Article 3:

2020 Furniture Trends We Expect To See

This article originally appeared in the It explains the upcoming furniture designs that will define the 2020 trends. There is an increased interest in vintage and antique furniture. There is also a rising need to make meaningful connections between furnishings, furniture, and the consumers.

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The article seeks to explain how older pieces are providing you with easy ways to integrate sustainable products into your home. It offers interesting key statistics on consumer habits of 2019. Leading vintage and antique sellers have seen a sharp increase in the demand for their products in the past year alone.

It explains that such an intense uptake is indicative of the changing attitudes towards consumption and environments. Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of their shopping habits and the consequences it has on the human race and environment. It is a detailed and incisive piece that makes you stand back and take a look at the lifetime of a sofa in your house.

Article 4:

How Machine Learning Algorithm Works

If you are often fascinated by the rapid innovations occurring in the technology world, this piece will surely interest you. Perhaps you have been wondering how machines communicate among themselves. Well, this article seeks to explain all about machine learning.

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Source – Technology

It also emphasized on key innovations of machine learning. Did you know that we have already reached a stage where machines are teaching themselves? Well, the article also gives excellent examples that will help you understand the concepts better.

What is more, these key innovations are now influencing key decisions across the industries. For example, Netflix and amazon websites offer recommendations with the help of machine learning models.

It doesn’t end there; the article also explains how machine learning algorithms work and how all these will affect your everyday decision making.

Finally, the articles we have provided will give you a good starting point. Keep off boredom by reading any of the pieces on our list today.


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