5 Exciting Places for Remote Working Ideas Post-Pandemic

Some guys had to consume bat soup at some remotest corner of the world, and now we are forced to work remotely. If this is the question revolving around your head, then you, my friend, are not alone.  

These are challenging times; we are locked to our confined spaces; there is political turmoil in and around the country. On top of all this, the over-whelming time pressure to finish your job inside your balcony because your internet connection is slow is a put-off, and things like that can throw you off the edge. 

A little personal space of your own during times like this can take things to a smoother side. I follow specific rules that permit me to deep work. Some of them have my own workspace that no one crashes, restricting mobile phones, not working in bed, doing occasional stretches to avoid cramps, continuous hydrating, and a 10-minute break to avoid getting burned out. For telling the truth, these remote working ideas are the one which keeps us not bored during this lockdown. 

But once things are back to normal, you are again on the run; the quickest and easiest way to get your work done during times like that is using a remote working space. Let’s explore them.

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5 Exciting Remote Working Places

1. Co-working Spaces for Remote Working

Coworking SpacesPin

One of the emerging sectors, mostly preferred by budding entrepreneurs and freelancers, but there’s a recent trend of large enterprises using them too.

Sometimes, there are fun workspaces for remote working with quirky interiors that provide various amenities and services to keep your productive juice running. Some of them are high-speed internet, unlimited refreshments, a gaming room, and a great community to network with.

 Find your nearest co-working space just by clicking here.

2. Cafes 


If you are up for casual conversations while you work simultaneously, nothing sets the mood better than cafes. The jazzy vibe, munchies, good coffee, and posh cushions have tremendous power in uplifting your mood. Explore more about working in cafes here

3. Library


I have done some of my best works in a public library. The power of silence and the books entices this craving for knowledge. The environment sets the right mood to get your groove on for work.

Although this restricts you from taking important calls or meetings, it helps you avoid distractions of any sort and gets your work done. Another advantage is the rich source of books for you to explore as reference materials. Nothing can beat that. I miss the smell of those books now. 

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4. Workation with Remote Working


Just as the name suggests, ‘workation’ is work plus a vacation. Sometimes the best way to get the job done is to get away. And by getting away, I mean really away, far away on vacation. 

It is challenging for you to switch off from work entirely as a remote worker or a freelancer. So get feel guilty about getting some work done when on vacation. Book a pleasant stay at a resort. But it’s going to be one of the best remote working ideas.

Plan things for the day just like you would when you are remote working from elsewhere. Check emails on the deckchair by the pool while sipping that mocktail. Head to the beach for a quick run in the sun. Get some good food. And get work done again.

5. Outdoors


Tired of your family members watching a high-tension debate on a News Network where Arnab screams from the top of his lungs, “The nation wants to know,” and somehow you can’t convince them to lower it down. 

Since their momentary nationalism is more important than the very thing that is your bread and butter? Look no further. Actually, please do it. Look right outside the window. Not just look, but also find the perfect green spot to work at. There are a few shared spaces that provide such facilities. Explore them.

Bottom line

My suggestion would be to lay low till the pandemic panic dies down. Some of our country’s organizations are in the process of finding the cure.

There is still lockdown in many countries. It’s still our responsibility to take all the precautionary measures to avoid the spread of the virus. Till then, stay strong and keep your head up. A wise man once said, “Through the darkest nights, comes the brightest days.” Invent new remote working ideas and never get bored with your work. 

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