15 Well-Paid Jobs You Had No Idea Existed

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15 Well-Paid Jobs You Had No Idea Existed

Some of the highest wages are earned by technicians dealing with the destruction of unexploded ordnance, but also by the pilots. Hackers are also paid substantially in the United States and may have the opportunity of earning even $14,000, according to Business Insider.

Here are 15 well-paid jobs that you don’t even know they existed:

#1 Technician for unexploded ordnance (destroying unexploded bombs) – $15.000

#2 Helicopter pilot for ensuring the maintenance of power lines – $101.000

#3 Airship pilot – $70.000

#4 Artist for dubbing (substituting dialogue from a movie with an oral translated version) – $80.000

#5 Professional video game player – $50.000

#6 Crosswords author – $70.000

#7 Ice cream taster – $60.000

According to dailymail.co.uk, a  30-year-old woman spent the last 2 years travelling around the world and trying new flavors of ice cream, which the supermarket that hired her wanted to sell. Her job involves tasting up to 100 teaspoons of ice cream each day. Also, from time to time, she has to visit different ice cream factories and taste their products.

#8 Sommelier (wine expert) – $51.000

#9 Food stylist (arranging meals on plates for photo shoots and commercials) – $77.000

#10 Hacker – $140.000

#11 Engineer racing – $134.000

#12 Hollywood Stunt – $100.000

#13 Disney character (people dressed as the famous Disney characters) -$32.000

#14 Social media monitoring (tracking comments about a brand on social networks) – $95.000

#15 Set designer in charge of plant materials – $84.000

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