The Cutest Hedgehog On The Internet Right Now

With over 50,000 followers on twitter and growing, this cute little hedgehog called Marutaro is the by far the most popular hedgehog on the internet.  Marutaro is from Japan and the love for this hedgehog is growing! The owner is continually posting pictures and videos online which only adds to Martuaro's popularity.

As you know there is nothing new about cute and adorable animal pictures on the internet, you can find them everywhere! However the owner does things a little different which just adds to the cuteness. Little paper cut out faces are put in front of the hedgehog which just makes this super adorable. As Marauto lies on his back, his owner cuts out and places in front of him silly expressions and smiles. Here are the 20 best ones which will definitely put a smile on your face! 

cute hedgehog Marutaro
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