Poor Homeless Animals. Thankfully There Are People Like This...

This homeless dog was found like this. All the matted, dirty fur made him appear much larger than he actually was.

Did you know that homeless animals outnumber homeless people 5 to 1? These days it's not un-common to see unwanted homeless animals roaming the streets in even the smallest of towns. This is the sad reality we live in, thankfully there are people out there who try to help these poor animals.

A group in Canada, the Quebec Society for the Protection of Animals found this dog which you can see above. As you can see the condition of the poor animal was horrendous, it would of been hard to even recognize what it was. 

The next few pictures show what these people did and the transformation is amazing. 

More than 50% of his size was reduced due to the amount of fur.

So the rescuers rushed to shave off the overgrown hair.

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