What Happens When You Dress Up A Dog To Look Like A Giant Spider

The fear of spiders is pretty wide spread, a lot of people dislike the creepy 8 legged arachnids. Even the smallest of spiders can freak people out, but what happens when you dress up your dog to look like a giant one? I'm sure if you saw that running at you in the middle of the night you would poop your pants! A Polish prankster called Sylwester Wardega decided to do just that.

He set up props in public areas to make it look like human body parts were caught in a giant web. He then let the dog loose and the results are pretty hilarious .The giant mutant spider-dog is called Chica, She plays her role perfectly and seems like she is a natural at it! The owners always ensure that she is safe and make sure they are close by when the pranks happen.

Here is a video which shows some pranks they have pulled off.

spider dog gif

spider dog gif

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