Artist Turns 4000 Pieces of Metal Into 10 ft, 550 pound Lion Sculpture

Turkish artist Selçuk Y?lmaz has created an exceptional lion sculpture from almost 4,000 pieces of scrap metal. Titled Aslan (Turkish for Lion), the sculpture took 10 months to complete and weighs roughly 550 pounds (250kg). Selçuk hand-cut and hammered every piece by himself, and metal-work is not easy. “It needs  patience and we have to know pain,” said the artist on DeviantArt.

The close up images really show how exceptionally detailed this is. It's hard to imagine this was done all by hand and without the use of machines. Amazing work!

You may view more of his work on Behance
Information Source: ThisIsColossal

Hit next, to check out the rest of this amazing sculpture!

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